DOSBox Tutorial

by inferno

So----- you want to play some games that Windows XP just won't be cooperative with?

Just can't seem to understand the directions though? Maybe the way I did it might help you.

Have a lookie see below:



Creating a home for your new "emulator"

Remember that DOSBox is very similar to the older computers of yesteryear... a 286/386 CPU real mode, Directory File System/XMS/EMS, a SoundBlaster card (GRAVIS and others) for excellent sound compatibility with older games to be precise. It's sort of a little computer on your Hard Drive. So we'll set up an area on our hard drive that mirrors that. Let's create some folders. 

In order to install and setup DOSBox and a few games which we can play in it, we have to create and manage a few folders on our computer. (It's also a great idea to bone up on how to use WinZip as well --- you can find the WinZip Tutorial here if you need to learn how to use it.

note: Remember that "Right Click" means use the Right side mouse button. "Select or Choose" means "Left Click" -- Double Click means click twice in rapid succession with your left side mouse button.


Now, let's get busy.   


Creating The DOSBox Home.



Done correctly it should look something like this when you look at your C drive in WIndows Explorer:    


Downloading the Correct Software:

Now we're ready to download this teriffic little program from our friends at SourceForge. 

  so go ahead and Click here    --->  

On the SourceForge page under DOSBox -->
Click on WINDOWS  version 0.70 win32 installer. We will be taken to a new "page" where we must choose the "mirror" or "place on the internet " that the program will come from. Choose the "mirror" closest to where you live. Select the place by clicking on the word DOWNLOAD on the right. Our "download" will begin shortly. If it does not ---DON'T PANIC --- simply click on the link at the top of the page and you should see this message:

Click on "SAVE" and you will see a new screen:


This is our SAVE AS window. Click on My Computer at the left side of the screen. See your Drives? Double Click on the Local Disk "C" --> Then Double Click on the DOS folder --> Now Double Click on FILES --> here's where we want to download the Win32 installer to, so Click on SAVE.  ...and so it begins.


Once the installer is downloaded a new screen will appear. Click on RUN and a new window will appear. Now be careful here, DOSBox will want to install the program to C:\Program Files --- don't let it.


Instead Click on BROWSE --> My Computer --> Local Disk "C" --> DOS.

Click OK. The destination folder should read  C:\DOS\DOSBox-0.70 Click on INSTALL.

so, are you with me so far???

good next

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