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The Mangan name a dictionary I once read said the Mangan name was of German origination. One place I saw a reference to the name meaning "hairy." I was told as a youngster that the name was spelled with a "O'Mangan" or "O'Mongan". The Church of Latter Day Saints believes that there are many variations of the Mangan name that were accidentally transcribed due to poor spelling,mispronunciation and poor record keeping as well as poor translation by non Irish speaking people. Some of the names they give are, McMahon, Machine, Mahoney, Manion, Maume, McMumm, Meany, Meehan, O'Mangain, Minaham, Monaghan(like county of), Moon, McMeekin, Maghnane, Mangum, Mann, McMann, Meacham, Meegon, Meenagh, Minogue, Monahan and Mooney. Other common mispellings are Mangane, Mangin, Mingane, Mungane, Manghan, Managhan, Manging, Menaghan, Mingeeane, Mangane, Manghen, Menaghane and so many other ways one is Mangoon.

I do wonder if all Italian Mangano's, Manganelli's, Mangini's and others are cousins too....I think so. I would not doubt that a Mangan moving to Italy would change the name to fit in.....(It would be hard to link all Mangans).

I have traced the Mangan family from Ireland in the 1800's to Germany in the 1700's and living in France in the 1600's by way of the files at "the Church of Latter Day Saints." Their records are incomplete for most links but give some info. There is the problem I've heard that most Catholic churches will not release their info on members, even past ones. I was in the process of searching out my family but I ended up finding so many other Mangans it will take some time to sort out. I Have also found some links to Mangans who were transported to Austrailia during the 1800's. It is available here on the net for viewing. It gives a explanation as to their stealing food during the famine. It is also good for locating the area where many Mangans were living at that time besides giving the crime each did. The area it listed under is "TRANSPORTATION" found is the British archives.....

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