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Clown Loach
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Clown Loach aka Botia Macracanthus


Origin: Sumatra, Borneo
Temperature: 77-85
PH: 6.0 - 7.8
Maximum Size: 12-15 inches
Temperment: Peaceful community fish, active during the day as well as evening

Clown loaches are great fish, unfortunately many people tend to keep them in aquariums that are ill suited for them because of size or simple layout. Clowns need caves or other places to hide, many people fear building their clowns a cave means they will no longer see them, which is exactly the opposite of what happens. If the clowns know they have 1 or 2 secure locations near by, they will come out even more and entertain you with their silly antics. Some people consider clowns to be shy, but if your tank is "clown friendly" you will see them alot.

Clown Loaches are social fish and should never be kept alone, in fact most reccommend at least 3 be kept together, because of this you need a fairly large tank for clowns.

Clowns seem to get ich easier than a dog gets fleas so be very careful with them. You muct also be very careful with meds as clowns are scaleless and certain meds can kill them.

You will never have a snail problem in a tank with clowns, they simply love to eat snails as well as most worms.



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