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Dwarf Puffers
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Dwarf Puffer aka Carinotetraodon Travancoricus


Other Common Name: Malabar Puffers, Dwarf Indian Puffers, BB Puffer, Pygmy Puffers, Sea Frogs, Blue-Eyed Puffers, Bumblebee Puffers, Pea Puffers, or Abeni Puffers
Origin: India
Temperature: 80
PH: 7.0
Maximum Size: 1 inch
Temperment: Very aggressive towards other fish, males will sometimes fight to the death during mating season

An addorable little fish that is packed with personality. They must be kept in a species tank though, definately not a community fish. Very swift and curious, they will entertain you by coming to see you or darting around the tank.



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