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This weblog is my online journal. You'll find my opinions on fishkeeping and probably a few rants about idiots that kill their fish needlessly because they don't listen to others. When the spirit moves me, I may also include longer articles on DIY stuff as well as new fish stuff and general info.

Monday, August 15, 2005

San Diego Fish Club Meeting
Lotus and I ran down to the San Diego Tropical Fish Club meeting last night to catch a program about fish rooms. Definately some good info that will be put to use as we enclose the patio and build our own fish room. We will still have the planted show tanks mostly in the house, but as I've gotten more and more into breeding, this just seems like the logical next step.

The San Diego Club is definately worth the time for a visit, and their November auction is a must attend event as they literally have 50 times the amount of items up for bid when compared to our small club in the desert. I'll add more about the fish room talk later, sorry it's been so long since I've posted but between work and the fish, there hasn't been much ME time lately.
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