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Awareness. Balance. Discipline. Harmony.

Whatever the set of circumstances, whoever the individual (or group) is, I direct the focus to realistic options. I walk in the door with an open mind. There is no hard-edged approach to a right or wrong way of doing things. The work I do involves the pursuit of awareness. It is not about the pursuit of perfection. I make my clients aware of multiple possibilities...and together we make choices that improve the situation, given all the variables at play. The most important variable being the human factor.

The human factor is the focal-point of my methodology. Given that we are all wired differently, I focus on an individual and adapt the environment and systems to better suit that individual. I do this by discovering how you work, what your priorities are, what feels right to you and what grabs your attention. I also look closely at where things go wrong. When do you lose site of your goals? What happens when you miss something important? By looking at what works for you and what doesn't work for you we can develop a system designed specifically to meet your needs. And life gets better -- a lot better.

At the top of this page you will find the words: "Awareness. Balance. Discipline. Harmony." These are the steps I take to bring a better way of living to you. They are my Zen ... if you will.

We become aware of what is happening in your world, what works for you and what doesn't work for you.

We begin to understand what is needed in order to balance how you do things with the realities of your life.

We set up systems based on this new awareness and understanding and adhere to these systems.

We discover new freedoms have arisen from our new approaches and find some measure of peace can be had in simply approaching things a little differently.

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