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I've included sites that have been of help to me and may be of help to you. Check here again for updates.
Last updated 6/16/99

Allergy & Asthma
Blue Skies & Views
Cool Sites
Freeware & Shareware
Health & Fitness
New York, New York
Search Engines & Directories
Virtual Post Office
Web Site Design

Allergy & Asthma: My son has both asthma and allergies. These sites have some valuable information to offer.

The Allergy & Asthma Network
The Food Allergy Network
Pollen Count - U.S. map takes you to your local area.

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Blue Skies & Views: Get the weather report and then take a look for yourself.

WeatherLabs - My preferred site for getting the weather.
EarthCam - Live Cam links around the world.

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Cool Sites: Depending on your interests, of course.

NanoWorld Images - Microscopic Images.
NASA Live Cams - This site is a little slow, but still worth a look.
Terraserver - Satellite images of the Earth.

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Freeware & Shareware: Download freeware, shareware and demos at the following sites.

Downloads.com- A popular site for downloads.
TUCOWS- This site is the best of its kind that I've come across.

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Health & Fitness: Some important sites.

FDA - MedWatch - If medication plays an important role in your life, copy this link to your own browser. Drug recalls are listed here, along with other safety information.
Rx List - A prescription medication reference.
Yoga - Priscilla Patrick has a line of yoga videos that I personally, HIGHLY, recommend!

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ABC's of the Internet - Webmonkey's Internet Guide. I strongly urge all of you to explore what this site has to offer.
Browserwatch - Check out the different plug-ins available.
Microsoft Internet Explorer - Get the latest version of Internet Explorer.
Netscape Communicator - Get the latest version of Netscape Communicator.
Netscape Plug-ins - Ssearch for plug-ins by platform (Mac or PC) at this site.
Virus Hoaxes - Find out if the email you just received warning you about the "Budweiser" virus is something you need to worry about, or not.

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New York, New York: If you live in, or travel to, New York City.

Dining in NYC. Find restaurants and reviews here. For those of you not in Manhattan, this site includes cities other than New York.
MTA - Mass Transit Authority. Get your bus and subway maps online.
Theater in NYC - What's on Broadway, Off Broadway and Off Off Broadway. Includes links to Playbill.com (detailed information about the plays) and Telecharge (purchase your tickets on-line).
NYS Dept. of Motor Vehicles - Don't wait on line if you don't have to. Print the forms you need directly from this site. Sometimes, you can even mail them in and "skip the trip" altogether.

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Search Engines & Directories: I have found these very useful.

About.com - Formerly, MiningCo. Worth a look.
AnyWho - Look someone up by a phone number, an address, or a partial name.
BizRate - Need an indication if a site is trustworthy and reliable? This may be a good place to start.
Profusion - You can search through multiple search engines, simultaneously, at this site. My personal favorite.

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Shop: These sites have things to offer that may help you get organized.

Levengers - A number of my clients have had success with Levengers product line.
Quill Office Supplies - I've shopped with Quill for years. Good prices and consistent service.
Rubbermaid - We all know what Rubbermaid has to offer, but did you know you can shop with them online?

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Taxes: Believe it or not, the IRS came up with a pretty good site. Very helpful!

IRS Digital Daily Welcome

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Virtual Post Office: Why wait on line, if you don't have to?

Stamps Online - I found this link at the United States Postal Service Web Site. Pick the stamps you want...and you get to choose from all the current pictures available. The last time I checked, shipping was only $1.

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Web Site Design: If you have a web site, or are thinking about getting on the web, these links have a lot to offer.

Link Exchange - You may have noticed the ad banners on my site. It's free. It's easy to use.
WebMonkey - Excellent site for detailed information about web design.

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