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One of our many specialized services is creating employment programs that work to the benefit of the company.  Understanding that companies need fast defensible results, East Texas Testing offers a unique testing option utilizing an electronic system known as eScreen.  With this system employers can expect many benefits in the speed, quality, and efficiency of their testing.

Speed: make quick decisions

  • Negative results available within 30 minutes of test completion.
  • Same day hiring decisions.
  • Post Accident/Injured employee can return to work faster.

Quality: make good decisions

  • Equivalent to laboratory drug screening.
  • Automated testing technology and software eliminates potential errors in specimen handling, interpretation, and transcription of results.
  • Confidentiality of results is maintained throughout the testing and reporting process.
  • Detects the most common substances used to adulterate or dilute urine specimens.
  • Results are reviewed and certified by a Medical Review Officer to verify proper handling and eliminate possible legitimate reasons.

Efficient: program administration

  • Obtaining an electronic chain of custody form.
  • Result notification available by E-mail, telephone, or fax.

The eScreen system tests for the five most commonly used drugs of abuse, known as a 5-panel drug test.  East Texas Testing also provides companies the option of testing for a variety of drugs of abuse in our 7, 8, 9, or 10 panel tests.  However, these panels are currently not available to be tested through the eScreen system and therefore, are sent to the Laboratory for analysis.  Results for these additional panels are usually available within 24 hours and are all certified by a Medical Review Officer. 

East Texas Testing's collectors are extensively trained to meticulously follow all guidelines and procedures set forth by company policy regarding drug screen collections.  Our employees have attended the Certified Professional Collector Program through the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA), and have obtained their certification as Certified Professional Collectors (CPC).  This extensive training course covers both mandated and non-mandated collection procedures. 
Our employees practice collection procedures in accordance to the industry standard (DOT collection procedures), unless exceptional actions by the company is requested or company policy has specific guidelines pertaining to drug collection procedures.

At East Texas Testing, we maintain the security and the integrity of the specimen during the collection and transfer process, while at the same time ensuring that the modesty and privacy of the donor are respected.
Call our office for more information on this widely used and popular testing method, and to receive a price quote for your company.

Drug Panels
5 Panel
1. Amphetamines
2. Cocaine
3. Cannabinoids
4. Opiates
5. PCP
7 Panel
    5 Panel Drugs
6. Barbituates
7. Benzodiazepines
8 Panel
    5 Panel Drugs
    7 Panel Drugs
8. Methadone
9 Panel
    5 Panel Drugs
    7 Panel Drugs
    8 Panel Drugs
9. Propoxyphene
10 Panel
     5 Panel Drugs
     7 Panel Drugs
     8 Panel Drugs
     9 Panel Drugs
10. Methqualone

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