Trips to NRHS Conventions

1992 San Jose

Includes our visit to the Portland area, inbound trip with ex-SP 4449 and outbound trip with UP 3985

1993 Chicago

Includes our visit to Glacier National Park afterwards

1994 Atlanta

Includes our Alaskan Cruise and visit to Pacific Northwest as well as NRHS Atlanta

1995 Lancaster

Includes our visit to Glenwood Springs afterwards

1996 Charlotte

Includes our inbound trip on Caritas and our visits to Baltimore, Montreal and Toronto, afterwards

1997 Salt Lake City

Includes the inbound Royal Gorge trip with UP 844

1998 Syracuse

We ride on various Amtrak routes that are new to us, beforehand

1999 Sacramento

Includes RailFair99

2000 Stamford

We spend a week in Cresson, PA (near Horseshoe Curve) beforehand

2001 St. Louis

There and back via Texas

2002 Grand Canyon

Including the inbound and outbound excursions with ex-ATSF 3751

2003 Baltimore

Our trip to Star Spangled Rails in Baltimore, plus our visit to the Appalachian Coal Railroads afterwards

2004 Minneapolis

There and back via the Pacific Northwest

2005 Portland

Including the inbound Pacific Northwest Express

Trips to NRHS Conventions & Board Meetings

2005 San Jose

Our first Board Meeting since I was appointed a National Director for At-Large Members

2006 Indianapolis

The Board Meeting in Indy, with the associated trips and events; there and back on Amtrak

2006 Ohio

The Convention in New Philadelphia, with our circle track out through New Orleans and back across Canada.

2006 Huntsville

The Board Meeting in Huntsville, with our Amtrak rides, stop in Chicago, and drives through Kentucky and Tennessee

2007 Greenwood, SC (and Great Britain)

The Board Meeting in Greenwood follows directly on our visit to Great Britain to spend nine days behind mainline steam

2007 Chattanooga

The Convention in Chattanooga, with a circle trip out through Chicago and Washington, DC, and back through New Orleans

2007 Houston

The Board Meeting in Houston, plus Amtrak back and forth

2008 Dallas

The Board Meeting in Dallas, plus Amtrak back and forth

2008 Syracuse

The Board Meeting in Syracuse, plus Amtrak back and forth, with a side trip to the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay and a Metra ride in Chicago

2008 Fort Worth

The Convention in Forth Worth, with our trip out via Kansas City and St. Louis, and direct return via San Antonio