The Visions
Written 1979-1985

Across the first river, twice:
Old foes, the Falcon and the Star, face.
Then comes the fire that burns to ice.
And the Changeling Prophet returns to his place.

The man from the City of Lead
And from Carthage, whose name is as Blood.
He shall cast down the Red Beast.
And quench the fire that consumes the world.

It will come to pass in the seventh year of fire
That the ground will tremble and split,
The Old Plague will sweep across the land,
And the young Hero will be stricken.

The sister of the Changeling Boy
And the man of the woodland water.
They shall show such a sight to the world,
But the Eagle shall seize the gold.

Boxes of boxes of boxes shall come,
And the serpent will coil around the lamb.
On that day, the dead will rise as alive
And walk in the city of bronze.

From the city of the land run,
The city where the King casts his net,
Comes the man who builds his two Temples
Upon the bones of the Mother and Father.

When the shadow crosses the stairs
Comes the man in the white coach.
Emblazoned with an Eagle,
Bearing unwelcome news.

Three plagues shall come to the City of Stones.
The holy man will stand against the second,
But a river of blood will rise,
And the new Star will burst in the sky.

The hand of The Mother will cast gold upon the shore,
And the people will rejoice upon the visage of the Son.
But ere the Sun has moved by half a hand,
The people will turn away and hail the New Fool.

A thunderous crash in the sky,
And steel falls upon the new city.
On that day, the Leader falls,
And the fish of Mars cleave the sea.

The King is selected by the hand of the Fool,
But then hidden, so none may see him.
The people seek the King, but find him not,
And the King emerges from whence he has never been.

In the City of Fire and Water
A great serpent arises.
Only the lamb from the Old Canyon of Dacia
Can cast it down.

Inside the pupil, the nameless foe resides.
Likewise in the Master, a splinter is held.
But he is cast down by the black man of two faces.
And the teller of the tale reaps the treasure.

From the house between Lake and Hill,
Two Queens of the Earth prophesy
A mighty quake in the City of Stars,
But the people do not hear.

In the year of Mercury,
When the Seven Stars fall,
And a fire is upon the deep,
Then will the Three Kings return.

The tyrant from the east arises,
He who is called Magnus.
When he walks in the Temple of Goats,
The rivers will burn as fire.

Near the Valley of Great Stones,
The two lie as one.
Children of three nations go forth,
And will rejoin when the cold fire is in the trees.

An ancient tomb opened at last,
The fingers of the King lie within.
No crown is found,
But ravens fly from the trees.

The foolish leaders in the east decree
The cup shall be changed.
But the people will not drink of it,
And that which was taken is restored.

The white curtains shall be drawn across the temple door,
And those within shall lie as dead.
But when the African prince strikes the wall with a fist of iron,
It shall all be cast low.

In clamorous battle, three armies arrayed.
One is set at the Gate of Jupiter,
And blows the horn that sounds across the sea.
When the red day is done, the Lieutenant is made General.

By the foolish Asian Duke, the Seer is cast out.
But woe unto the Duke:
The image that comes from afar is a riddle none can solve,
And the Seer once more ascends the northern stair.

Above the mountains and over the western sea,
The black Knight who speaks the word of Ezekiel
Casts out the serpents
With the invocation of love of the mother.