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Friday, January 05, 2001

6:40 PM - <da Link>
Well, now I'm famous. I was mentioned in the Metafilter | Comments on 5073. This explains the sudden spike in hits today.
1:14 PM - <da Link>
Go Away, you silly person, or Ronald will taunt you a second time.
9:45 AM - <da Link>
Why does this not surprise me? Pope: Clinton 'Was Not Listening to Me'
9:08 AM - <da Link>
Goooood Morning!

Well, noon now.

Time to go eat. Woo hoo!

Thursday, January 04, 2001

10:00 AM - <da Link>
Like Nails on a Chalkboard, the Washington Post informs us of the state of education in the D.C. Public schools. "It' a blast!" Um... okay. Let's try this again, with some grammar.
9:07 AM - <da Link>
The best comment on this link comes from the article's writer:
Most of the files and other items stolen from a secret Baltimore police Internal Affairs office were recovered by a man who stumbled upon the sensitive material in a trash bin behind a doughnut shop on Eastern Avenue. [emphasis mine]
8:35 AM - <da Link>
Elfgirl and I saw this story highlighted on the crawl at the bottom of CNN's Headline News. Seems the guy robbed a bank, hid the money in a toilet tank, which then overflowed. Smart, dude. Robbery suspect wasn't exactly flush after the heist.
8:24 AM - <da Link>
So, how much spaghetti can I get for a 6-yr old?
8:07 AM - <da Link>
There are some things that are the best punishment for stupidity that exists. Car Thieves Drink HIV-Infected Blood. Ah, the world is a mighty ironic place.
7:24 AM - <da Link>
Goooood Morning!

It's one of those days; I'm asleep, and tired. But, it could be worse. I could be working.

Oh, wait. Damn. I'm at work.

Wednesday, January 03, 2001

10:18 AM - <da Link>
I have seen this in several places, but I also caught it reading Fox News myself, so I'll blog it without too many references: Y2K bug belatedly hits new trains in Norway. Why is this a big story? The dateline gives it away:

Y2K bug belatedly hits new trains in Norway
2.15 p.m. ET (1915 GMT) January 1, 1901

So, who really has the Y2K problem, guys?
10:13 AM - <da Link>
Be fore-warned. Mah-jongg can be really dangerous to your nose.
10:05 AM - <da Link>
The Monolith has appeared. Someone start the music.
8:49 AM - <da Link>
On a lark, I put /usr/bin/girl in to google, and got 5,730 hits. Not bad.

Oh, and it is time for you to Help Make Blogger Go Faster!, by using PayPal to donate a few bucks. Get with it, and keep us speedy and sane.

Well, speedy, at least.
8:43 AM - <da Link>
Elfgirl sent this to me, by way of metafilter.... Boy turned into a yam by witchdoctor. Oooooh kay. I must admit, I really don't understand, but it is a part of the cultural divide.
8:18 AM - <da Link>
And, of course, Zannah has been in the news as an example of a weblog, at JS Online. Check in the right grey column, under "Good Company."
8:04 AM - <da Link>
Gooood Morning!

It seems that the people at [usr/bin/girl], the non Zannah, continue in their incomprehensibility. Now the site has a post from Lynn who wants to see paperwork to establish copyright for "/usr/bin/girl"....

A little lesson on copyright would be good. First, to establish copyright in the U.S. it is merely necessary to WRITE SOMETHING ORIGINAL. No paperwork is necessary. No special (c) or "copyright" line is necessary. Just writing it makes it a protected work. Now, you can then elect to put the special symbols, if you like. Zannah has, indeed, done this on her page. It isn't necessary, but once it is there, it makes it publically visible as under the INTENT to be protected.

If she wished to Trademark the name, then paperwork would be filed, but that is different. So it would also be for a Service Mark or any of a number of other registerable mark. But, this is merely copyright.

Copyright also protects against similarity and derivative works, so anything that LOOKS LIKE the name "/usr/bin/girl", such as leaving off the leading slash, changing to "gurl" (which is, I've noticed, how I've got her referenced in my reads section. Spelling error, I guess), or changing from bin to sbin in the title. So, kids, you're on tenuous ground.

And, as to her popularity -- check out the hotlist at, where her site is #15 as of today as one of the most linked sites. That's pretty popular, in light of the fact that #1 - #14 include only one other actual weblog, and that of, which kind of makes sense.

So, give it up, kids, and do something new and original. And, I'll be watching you to see if you start stomping faeries....

Tuesday, January 02, 2001

2:26 PM - <da Link>
"Hey look, if we can explain Windows, how complicated can Judaism be?" A quote from an article in the Washington Post, entitled "Guidance Counseling, about the sudden twist in the "Complete Idiot's Guides." You can actually get "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Improving Your IQ" and "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Being Psychic", among others. Oh, boy!
2:17 PM - <da Link>
Oh, my.... Seen at 3na, how would you like some Chocolate Covered Pork Fat?
7:52 AM - <da Link>
Gooood Morning!

I have enjoyed the surreal experience of AM Radio commercials today. While always a bit on the strange side (try conveying an image with words only, and doing it successfully in 15 seconds) these two were beyond compare:

  • An ad for a new discrete tampon applicator, which starts small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but you can telescope it out to full size for use. The line that got me? "Now your period will be so discrete, you'll want to tell everybody!" Well, then, the applicator is FAILING to work as intended!

  • An ad for an aspirin tablet, to be taken for something other than headache (cardiac arrest). The line: "take aspirin when you are having a heart attack at the direction of your physician." So far, I'm lucky -- my doctor doesn't direct me to HAVE heart attacks.

  • What a world.

    Monday, January 01, 2001

    11:34 AM - <da Link>
    Has Zannah been informed about this usurper yet? [usr/bin/girl], who is NOT /usr/bin/girl, the Zannah person, who was here first. Oh, my.
    11:24 AM - <da Link>
    By the way, it's 01-01-01, which means the same databases that freaked out at 9-9-99 are being upgraded for the slight forgetfulness that left this 'start record' out there. As for me, I'm still having trouble with 00, writing it 99 most times. I'm so glad Elfgirl does the checkbook.
    10:04 AM - <da Link>
    Goooood Millenium!

    Well, I made it home without a cell phone, and found it today in the shopping cart section of the local Super-Target when the Elfgirl started dialing it so I could hear the ring. Oh, aren't we a bright couple!

    It snowed here this morning. Just enough to cover all the roads, but not enough to cover much, if any, of the yards. It was like someone came through and repaved the entire neighborhood with vanilla icing.

    But the driveway didn't taste like icing, so I am mildly disappointed.

    Football is on. Firfey is just waking up. I have filled up on sausage biscuits (soft dinner rolls, really, with small sausages baked inside. Very good). Now I want to start getting through with making the house a bit cleaner, and maybe go shopping this afternoon. Or, stay at home and veg. I have no idea, but I do know this....

    I have to go to work tomorrow, and then work for FOUR days. I've not done that for a month. *sigh*

    Happy Greet!

    Sunday, December 31, 2000

    5:45 PM - <da Link>
    My last blog entry for this millenium -- I'm headed down for the Millenium Mass, where I'll serve as a torch-bearer (guy who holds a really tall candle). There is an old saying that the thing you're doing on the entrance of the New Year is the thing you'll be doing all year. Some hedge their bets and get a date to kiss. Others stay at home and enjoy a quiet evening in bed.

    Me, I'll be taking communion about then. Well, at least I'll be doing something worthwhile!

    Just wish Elfgirl could be there, but she'll be at home with the Firfey, making sure she stays asleep. Which is something she is *NOT* right now... That's the breaks, for having a busy day.

    And Elfgirl just came downstairs wearing eyeore socks, with large eyeore heads on top of the toes. I think it is time I left, before the night gets even more surreal.
    3:19 PM - <da Link>
    Apparently the the stiletto in the ghetto finally got approved, but only JUST in time for the next millenium.
    2:49 PM - <da Link>
    And, in today's searches....
  • google: goat meet recipe

  • I wish I could help you out, but meeting goats takes lots of time and effort; they don't frequent too many bars (outside of Buckhead and Midtown, that is).
    2:36 PM - <da Link>
    I have been tagged by the people at - The Best of Blogs, for my comment about my ear and the straw. Maybe I should explain -- the straw was in a paper wrapper, and I put it over my ear so I could grab my drink and chips. When I did that, I ran the side with the extended part along the top of my ear, and gave myself a papercut. Ugh.