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Saturday, December 30, 2000

6:36 PM - <da Link>
It appears that there is a little inclement weather in New York City. Quite a lot of "global warming" building up on the ground there.
6:32 PM - <da Link>

I just had a very surreal experience. I carry an AMEX card, and as a result I get 'partner' junk mail, like todays mail from Oreck. Without opening it, I saw that they'd send me a CarVac for trying the Oreck XL vacuum. Not that I need one, since we have a central vac, it was interesting to read. Then, in the lower left corner, in large type, was the following:

It's so powerful, it'll lift a 16-lb bowling ball and it's included with purchase!

Now, when reading that, I wondered if the Oreck people were now shipping Bowling Balls....

Yes, above it was an explaination -- this is the "Super Compact Canister", and it comes free with the other vacuum. No bowling ball yet, I guess.

Friday, December 29, 2000

9:36 AM - <da Link>
I don't want a Pickle. I just want to ride on my motor-sickle. Especially on New Years, where a giant falling pickle might be mistaken for a Cop, and me for a hippie-freak. Even with short hair.
7:41 AM - <da Link>
Proof that your parents may have never had sex: Singapore Pioneers Babies From Frozen Eggs, Sperm. Yup, they're every bit as frigid as you thought.
7:29 AM - <da Link>
Blah Morning.

Today is going very oddly. This morning the Firfey would have nothing to do with me. I tried to pick her up, and I tried to get her to ask to be picked up, and I tried holding her, but she didn't want any part of it. When I left this morning, and stood outside in the cold for our morning good-bye ritual, she yelled "No! No! No! No!" when I held her and pushed at my face to get away. So, I left for work in a horrible mood.

I picked up my paycheck stubs, and discovered that my commissions had been mangled slightly. Hah. Not slightly, but hideously. I have received a check at 1 of $10,500 software revenue, not 1% of 10,500. The difference? A check for $7000 or so that I didn't earn, and that would be taken away in an audit if I tried to spend it. So, I've been on the phone all morning making this right. I finally finished, but damn, some people are slow about understanding when they screwed up. I expect the money to autodraft back out on Tuesday. But, in the mean time, our account looks pretty darn good!

Now, I have to fix two other stupid things with package management in-house, and I think I'll finally be able to stop and smell the coffee. Not that I drink it, but enough people here do that it wafts from the breakroom across my office door.

Thursday, December 28, 2000

10:12 AM - <da Link>
Looks like getting Elfgirl pregnant was good for the state. Census figures to confirm state's growth. Georgia has just gained two seats in the House. Cool! But, the redistricting nightmare is just beginning....
9:58 AM - <da Link>
Do you love Lego? Check out, where you can find a 3-D CAD program for designing just about anything.... It looks dangerous! Now, let's see if it has the Technics parts....
9:41 AM - <da Link>
I have just managed to give myself a papercut over my left ear with a drinking straw.

There are some things that just shouldn't happen.
9:11 AM - <da Link>
Even clergy aren't immune to the watchful eye of the survellance camera. Good thing too, as now the Priest is charged in theft of antique sign.
8:29 AM - <da Link>
Rapist cuts woman's hair. I don't know -- which is the worst violation of her being? The rape, at least, can be hidden; you feel dirty, but you don't actually look the worse for the wear. A bad hair-cut, though, marks you. Was that the intent? I hope the cops find the guy, and maybe consider a tattoo across his forehead....
8:20 AM - <da Link>
Little girl, you just will NEVER be able to see through your tonsils, so they'll have to go.
8:17 AM - <da Link>
I guess I'll just self-park my Ferrari from now on. Hotel Valet Checks Guest's $175,000 Ferrari Into a Tree.
8:04 AM - <da Link>
Looks like 25 Died From Cattle Class Syndrome, that problem of being immobile and cramped on exceptionally long flights.
7:52 AM - <da Link>
Arthur C. Clarke said it. I believe it. That settles it.
7:49 AM - <da Link>
There they go again, screwing it up. I said you were "good folks", not "great folks". I have no idea how much weight you gained over the holidays, nor would I make oblique references to it. I managed to lose weight, but mainly because I was chasing around the FirFey with her new toys, and some of mine. At least you have the good sense to cache pictures -- no matter what Mandi and her friends try to do.
7:26 AM - <da Link>
Goood Morning!

I'm back in the office, and wrapping up the end of the year with a little candle-party for those that want last minute wax. So far I'm about $200, and it's not bad. I'd rather do a real show, but these things happen.

Otherwise, things are quite quiet, and maybe I'll get a chance to blog a few new sites today.

Wednesday, December 27, 2000

4:26 PM - <da Link>
Goood Afternoon!

This is the last Wednesday I get off this year, which is good, since it is also the last Wednesday of the year. It's a fun thing to take these days, since we all get to go out and have fun, and I also don't run into as much work grief as if I took a whole week at the end of the year.

We went shopping for DVD cabinets with locking doors. Seems the Firfey likes taking things around the house, and we need to be able to close things up so they don't go wandering. So far we haven't had much luck outside the pressboard variety, so if anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate it.

In the mean time, have a good Christmas, and enjoy the remaining days! 3-Kings day is coming -- do you have a present for your significant other? I took a vow to love my wife like Christ loved his church, so I'll be making a gift that day (or maybe a little early; I'm having trouble keeping quiet about it!)

Tuesday, December 26, 2000

10:28 AM - <da Link>
There are lots of anti-gun laws in Massachusetts. LOTS. And yet, when someone wants to go over the edge, it doesn't really do a lot to stop them to pass a law saying it's bad. Gunman Kills 7 Workers at Mass. High-Tech Office.
9:53 AM - <da Link>
I wish I knew where the original came from, but I thought I'd share a little winter season cheer with you from
9:29 AM - <da Link>
I'm not sure how, but one of my 'reference links' of how people found me was this one:AltaVista: killing +mother-in-law. I like my mother-in-law, and am wishing her the best after her recent surgery. I even like my father-in-law, who is having his cataracts removed today. Now, there are those guys from the local naval air base that keep overflying the house during the Firfey's naptime that could use a good beating, but so far I'm not allowed past the security checkpoint.
9:02 AM - <da Link>
I have been slandered by the good folks at 3na! They say I'm stealing from the good folk at The Cruel Site of the Day. I always attribute when I borrow from them, you jerks! Well, okay, so you made an assumption, and that's understandable, so I'll forgive you, this time. Just don't let it happen again, or I'll stuff you into a glass jar. And, that previous link was indeed lifted from

Actually, to clarify -- I get lots of good email of strange places people like me to visit. Some I find on my own, some come anonymously, some come with attributions (that I then add to my blog entries). If it is anonymous (as was the one 3na mentioned) then I just blog it. I try to give credit where it is due, though. But, I read several online mags, journals, and compilations from all over to give my links some interesting direction, and occasionally I add pity comments (but not as good as our friends at 3na). Hey, it's a hobby, and it's cheaper than the Lego. I believe that my anonymous benefactor was reading when they pointed me to the Butte Pirates story, though, so I'll go back and update it in a bit. In the mean time, have some fruitcake.
3na is a good site. Go visit.
8:40 AM - <da Link>
Goooood Morning!

Well, the A-Wing Starfighter is assembled and on my Lego shelf in the office. It was in my stocking this year, along with a few other things that didn't make it into the office today. I intend to bring my cotton-candy maker shortly, though, because it is just too cool.

Elfgirl got her La Traviata Gown, and was very happy and bouncy. This is her present from our Grandfather (Rev. Sammy), who always sends cash and we go out shopping for each other with the extra boost. I think she owes him a thank-you letter this year.

My big present was the Millenium Falcon, but it may take a few days to get here for assembly (I do my Lego over breaks in the day, and that will take a while, so I'll need desk space cleared on my credenza).

Firfey got an activity table that she loves, and a bathtime toy that may never make it up to the tub, because she's playing with it so much in the living room.

Munchkin got some neat clothes, and some *eeew* Backstreet Boys stuff. Ick. Icky. But, she's apparently getting over the whole "boy germs" thing, much to my chagrin.

And, now, the workday calls. I've been typing this off and on since 9:30, because I'm actually doing work today. Seems the customers didn't get the memo to not work overly much during the end-of-year break. Ah well.

Monday, December 25, 2000

7:47 AM - <da Link>

That's what the Day's Inn on I-75 south says. We noticed on our way to Midnight Mass last night, and it is not an accident of fallen letters; apparently they can fit five on the top line, and five on the second. So, HAPPY GREET!

And, Merry Christmas! Remember, as you're putting the Christ back in Christmas, to consider putting the MASS back in there, too. See you at church?

(I'm happy -- I have Lego!)