The ICCBR-12 Doctoral Consortium
3-4 September 2012 | Lyon, France


Day 1: 3 September 2012
Session #1
0900-0910 Doctoral Consortium: Welcome, Goals, & Agenda David W. Aha (Naval Research Laboratory, USA)
0910-0930 Brief Meeting/Greeting among Day 1 Students and Mentors
0930-0955 Investigation of Case-Based Methods to Cross Domain Sentiment Classification Bruno Ohana (Dublin Institute of Techology, Ireland) Mentor: Luc Lamontagne (U. Laval, (Quebec) Canada)
1000-1025 Solution Diversity in Case-Based and Generative Planning Alexandra Coman (Lehigh U., USA) Mentor: David McSherry (U. Ulster @ Coleraine, N. Ireland)
1030-1100: Coffee Break
Session #2
1100-1125 Role of Knowledge Extraction for Text Retrieval Sadiq Sani (Robert Gordon U., Scotland) Mentor: Enric Plaza (IIIA, Spain)
1130-1155 Case-Based Reasoning to Model Miscanthus Allocation: A French Case Study Laura Martin (French National Institute of Agricultural Research, France) Mentor: David Leake (Indiana U., USA)
1200-1225 Enhancing Situation Awareness for Decision Support by Utilizing Data Streams and Past Experiences Odd Erik Gundersen (Norwegian University of S&T, Norway) Mentor: Beatrice Fuchs (IAE Université Lyon 3, France)
1230-1300 Career Reflections #1 Santi Ontañón Villar (Drexel University, USA)
Day 2: 4 September 2012
Session #3
0900-0910 Doctoral Consortium: Welcome, Goals, & Agenda David W. Aha (NRL, USA)
0910-0930 Brief Meeting/Greeting among Day 2 Students and Mentors
0930-0955 Group Recommender Systems Enhanced by Social Elements Lara Quijano-Sánchez (Complutense U., Madrid) Mentor: Barry Smyth (U.C. Dublin, Ireland)
1000-1025 Case Selection in Ambient Assisted Living Eduardo Lupiani (U. Murcia, Spain) Mentor: Ralph Bergmann (U. Trier, Germany)
1030-1100: Coffee Break
Session #4
1100-1125 Reasoning System for Computer Aided Diagnosis and Explanations Aware Computing for Medical Applications Abdeldjalil Khelassi (Tlemcen U., Algeria) Mentor: Rosina Weber (Drexel U., USA)
1130-1155 Creating Human-Level AI in Strategy Games using Hybrid CBR/RL Stefan Wender (U. Auckland, NZ) ntors: Héctor Muñoz-Avila (Lehigh U., USA) & David W. Aha (NRL, USA)
1200-1225 Integrated Learning for Goal-Driven Autonomy Ulit Jaidee (Lehigh U., USA) Mentor: Ian Watson (U. Auckland, New Zealand)
1230-1300 Panel on CBR Opportunities Panelists: Ralph Bergmann, Barry Smyth, Ian Watson, and Rosina Weber
1300-1400: Lunch
Session #5
1400-1425 Qualitative Spatial and Temporal Reasoning with Textual Cases Valmi Dufour-Lussier (U. Lorraine, France) Mentor: Cindy Marling (Ohio U., USA)
1430-1455 Employing Case-Based Reasoning to Improve Symptom Management for End-of-Life Cancer Care Krista Elvidge (Dalhousie U., (Nova Scotia), Canada) Mentor: Peter Funk (Mälardalen U., Sweden)
1500-1525 A Case-Based Reasoning System for Radiotherapy Treatment Planning for Brain Cancer Rupa Jagannathan (U. Notthingham, England) Mentor: Isabelle Bichindaritz (SUNY Oswego, USA)
1530-1600 Career Reflections #2 Agnar Aamodt (Norwegian University of S&T, Norway)
1600-1630: Coffee Break
Session #6
1630-1655 Development of an Unsupervised Norm Generation Method for Multiagent Systems Javier Morales Matamoros (U. Barcelona, Spain) Mentor: Klaus-Dieter Althoff (U. Hildesheim, Germany)
1700-1725 Case-Based Reasoning in Hydrometallurgy: Selection of Pretreatment Method for Refractory Gold Ore Lotta Rintala (Aalto, U., Finland) Mentor: Agnar Aamodt (NTNU, Norway)
1730-1755 Retrieve and Reuse of Experiential Procedural Knowledge Mohd. Siblee Islam (U. Trier, Germany) Mentor: Jean Lieber (U. Lorraine, France)
1755-1800 Feedback on the ICCBR-12 DC Thomas Roth-Berghofer (U. West London, England) Purpose: To assist with planning in future years. We seek your comments on length of student presentations, open discussion time, other presentations, the utility of posters, etc.

Dinner (4 September 2012)

Time and location TBD; everyone is invited to attend. We will pre-reserve a nearby location for all participating students, mentors, and others who wish to join us.