The ICCBR-11 Doctoral Consortium
12 September 2011 | Greenwich, London, UK

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ICCBR-11's Third Annual Doctoral Consortium (DC) is designed to nurture PhD candidates by providing opportunities to explore and obtain mutual feedback on their research, future work plans, and career objectives with senior CBR researchers and peers. We invite submissions from students, as described below. Selected students will be asked to prepare and present an oral presentation at the DC.

The ideal student participant is one who is at the midpoint of their candidacy, and has not yet received substantial feedback from the greater research community. However, all students are encouraged to apply, even if they have not yet identified their dissertation focus by the submission deadline. (We also encourage other researchers and practitioners, who have few opportunities to interact with the community, to contact us concerning options for participation.)

Each selected student will be assigned a mentor who will advise them on their research trajectory, writing, and presentation skills. We will facilitate student-mentor communications prior to and during the ICCBR conference. Each student-mentor pair will meet individually at the start of the DC event. Then, each student will give a 15-minute presentation on their proposal, or a facet that relates to it. This will be followed by a 10-minute question/answer feedback period from the audience (i.e., of mentors and fellow students), led by their mentor. Additional social arrangements will be made to encourage conversation.

Student Participants and Assigned Mentors

Student Submission Process

We welcome submissions from PhD candidates worldwide. To apply, please submit the following materials (preferably in 1 PDF file!) by email to the DC Chair (David W. Aha, david.aha at by 15 May 2011. (Early submissions are encouraged!) Students will be notified on whether their Research Summary has been accepted for oral presentation at the DC and the identity of their mentors by 15 June 2011. A final version of the Research Summary paper to be presented will be due on 1 July 2011. Students are expected to commit to attending all DC activities at the conference. ICCBR anticipates providing some limited support for all DC students.

Please contact the DC Chair if you have any questions.

Mentor Invitation

ICCBR-11 invites senior CBR researchers to serve as mentors for the 2011 Doctoral Consortium. Mentor responsibilities will include (1) providing brief informal reviews on one or a few student submissions (if needed), (2) corresponding with an assigned DC student prior to ICCBR-11 (e.g., writing to them, providing feedback on a few iterations of their presentation), (3) meeting with the student at the start of the DC, and (4) attending at least two DC presentations, including their assigned student's presentation, thus leaving them ample time to attend co-scheduled events. Mentors will also lead their student's question/answering session.

We encourage mentors and all other ICCBR-11 registrants to attend the DC student presentations, participate in providing them feedback, and to attend the DC's associated social events.

Interested mentors should submit notify the DC Chair (David W. Aha, david.aha at before 15 May 2011. Please include your (1) contact information, (2) a brief, one-paragraph description of your career and research interests, and (3) some CBR research areas that would best match your mentoring interests.



Mentors (Current List)



  1. What ICCBR-11 events will take place concurrently?
    The Computer Cooking Competition and Industry Day.

  2. Can student participants skip some of the Doctoral Consortium (DC) presentations to attend these other events?
    We'd prefer no; you wouldn't want someone to skip your presentation, this will give you the opportunity to learn about your peers' work and interests, they'd appreciate your feedback, and you can always attend these other events at future ICCBRs. This year is your year to attend the DC.

  3. Can mentors skip some of the Doctoral Consortium (DC) presentations to attend these other events?
    Yes; they're asked to attend only the early time slot to meet their assigned student, their assigned student's presentation, and the presentation of at least one other student. However, we warmly welcome them to attend the entirety of the DC's events (including lunch and dinner), which should interest them.

  4. Is the DC open to all ICCBR-11 attendees?
    Yes!! At any or all times during the event.

  5. Is there any funding for participating students?
    DC Chair David W. Aha is submitting proposals that, if accepted, would eliminate/waive student registration fees. This will take time to process. Any progress will immediately be mentioned here.