AAAI 2005 Fall Symposium on
Mixed-Initiative Problem Solving Assistants

Call for Participation


Mixed-initiative (MI) problem solving concerns the development of cooperative assistants whose user interactions are determined by problem-solving context and the relative knowledge and skills of system and user rather than by fixed roles. By dynamically integrating the contributions of the user and system, such systems enable each to contribute what it does best. Moreover, dynamic and flexible user-interaction facilitates adaptation to differences in knowledge, experience, and preferences among different users and to changes in needs and preferences in individual users over time.

Unfortunately, few MI systems have been deployed; system designers have struggled to strike the right balance between offering assistance ("push" systems) and responding to user requests for help ("pull" systems). Research in mixed-initiative systems investigates how to strike this balance in developing intelligent assistants that work both proactively while continuing to react to users. This research gives rise to several challenging issues, including dialogue management, user modeling, goal recognition, domain modeling, and problem-solving strategy selection. Those systems that have been implemented have typically been quite domain specific, which has impeded their reuse for other tasks.

The goal of this symposium is to identify the principles underlying the design of MI systems and to encourage their development and application. Towards this goal, this workshop will provide a forum for interested researchers to share, discuss, and learn about experiences with, best practices on, and general issues concerning mixed-initiative problem-solving approaches, including the following:

Participation Process

Potential participants who would like to present relevant work recently completed or in progress are invited to submit a short paper (4-6 pages). We also welcome extended abstracts (1-2 pages) that outline your relevant research activities, publications, and goals for participation. Please email all submissions, using AAAI's instructions in PDF format, to by 2 May 2005. All submissions will be reviewed by our committee, and acceptance notifications will be emailed by 23 May 2005. For additional information, please see

Important Dates

2 May 2005: Deadline for paper and extended abstract submissions
23 May 2005: Accept/reject decisions on paper submissions

Organizing Committee

David W. Aha, Naval Research Laboratory (Co-Chair)
L. Karl Branting, BAE Systems
Marie desJardins, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Kurt Fenstermacher, University of Arizona
Karen Myers, SRI International
Stephen F. Smith, Carnegie Mellon Univesity
Gregory Sullivan, BAE Systems
Gheorghe Tecuci, George Mason University (Co-Chair)


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