AAAI-11 Workshop on Analyzing Microtext

Accepted Papers

Note: Submissions of these papers have recently been accepted, but their final versions are not yet available. When available, we'll add hyperlinks.
  1. The Role and Identification of Dialog Acts in Online Chat
  2. Through the Twitter Glass
  3. Analysis of C2 and “C2-Lite” Micro-message Communications
  4. #hardtoparse: POS Tagging and Parsing the Twitterverse
  5. Learning ontologies from the web for microtext processing
  6. Statistical Relational Learning Technologies for Microtext Applications
  7. Unsupervised Discovery of Fine-Grained Topic Clusters in Twitter Posts
  8. What Edited Retweets Reveal about Online Political Discourse
  9. Domain Adaptation in Sentiment Analysis of Twitter
  10. Untangling Topic Threads in Chat-Based Communication: A Case Study
  11. Multi-Label Classification of Short Text: A Study on Wikipedia Barnstars
  12. Modeling Socio-Cultural Phenomena in Online Multi-Party Discourse
  13. A Comparison between Microblog Corpus and Balanced Corpus from Linguistic and Sentimental Perspectives
  14. Normalizing Microtext
  15. A Microtext Corpus for Persuasion Detection in Dialog
  16. What Are Tweeters Doing: Recognizing Speech Acts in Twitter