Opportunities for Visitors

Visiting Researchers

Visiting Faculty and Senior Personnel

I've hosted several summer faculty and senior visitors over the years, including:
  1. Karl Branting (MITRE), then with U. Wyoming (FY95)
  2. Francesco Ricci (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano), then with IRST (Trento, Italy) (FY97)
  3. Kalyan Gupta, Knexus Research Corporation (FY01-)
  4. Bruce McLaren, CMU (FY03)
  5. Joshua Summers, Clemson U. (FY03)
  6. Kurt Fenstermacher (Bridgewater Associates), then with U. Arizona (FY04)
  7. Sankar Pal, ISI (Kolkata, India) (FY04)
  8. Luke McDowell, USNA (FY07-12)
  9. Gita Sukthankar, U. Central Florida (FY08)
  10. Edgardo Oliveros, Interamerican University of Puerto Rico (FY11)
  11. Brendan Morris, UNLV (FY12)
  12. Sambit Bhattacharya, Fayette State University (FY14)
  13. Briana Wellman, University of District of Columbia (FY14)
In some cases, special arrangements were made with the visitor's institution. However, the ONR/ASEE Program provides opportunities as well, which were arranged for the visits by Karl, Josh, Kurt, Gita, and Brendan, among others. Please see here for more information (e.g., on the ONR/ASEE Program). Applications are usually due in early December.

Post-Doctoral Researchers

I especially enjoy working with talented post-doctoral researchers, and have had the pleasure to work with the following outstanding post-docs:
  1. Hector Munoz-Avila, Lehigh U. (FY99-01; thru UMd)
  2. Rosina Weber, Drexel U. (FY00-01; thru UWy)
  3. Bill Murdock, IBM (FY01-03; NRC)
  4. Matthew Klenk, PARC (FY09-FY11, NRC)
  5. David Uthus, Google (FY10-FY13; NRC)
  6. Marc Pickett Google (FY12-FY14; NRC)
  7. Swaroop Vattam (FY14-; NRC)
  8. Mak Roberts (FY14-; NRC)
  9. Michael Floyd (FY14-) (w/ Knexus Research; NRC)
  10. Hakan Boyraz Amazon (FY14; NRC)
  11. Ron Alford (FY14-; ASEE)
  12. Ben Johnson (FY15-; NRC)
Information on the two programs for which we currently hire post-docs can be found here. This includes our most-frequently-used vehicle, which is the NRC (Post-Doctoral) Research Associateship, whose deadlines are Feb 1, May 1, and Aug 1. If this opportunity interests you and you qualify, please contact me to discuss this!!

Please note that, due to my time constraints, our collaborations usually must be tied to our funded projects.


This applies to PhD candidates as well as students pursuing their Master's, Bachelor's (i.e., summer or co-ops), or even high school degrees. We've hosted many from each category over the years. Recent visitors have included Jay Powell (Indiana U., STEP 2010), Ryan Rossi (Purdue U., NREIP 2010), Mark Wilson (Indiana U., NREIP 2011), Bryan Williams (TJ High School, STEP 2011-2012), Dustin Dannenhauer (Lehigh U., STEP 2012), Michael Maynord (U. Maryland, NREIP 2013), Shawn Squire (UMBC, Student Contractor 2013), and Mark Chua (UNLV, NREIP 2013). In 2014, we hosted visits by Cole Kennedy (FSU, NREIP & student contract), Sam Kelly (Brown, NREIP), Michael Cheung (Lehigh, NREIP), Tory Anderson (GTech, student contract), Michael Maynord (UMd, NREIP) JT Turner (UMBC, student contract), Sam Snodgrass (Drexel, student contract), Bryan Jensen (Wheaton College, contractor), and Rahul Nath (Williams College, contractor).

For information on all student programs, please see here. Among these, our favorite Program for visiting summer students is the ONR-NREIP, whose deadlines are often in early January. Finally, in some situations, we can support visitors through student contracts or as industry contractors.

For more information, please see the following links or contact me.

Last updated: 1 September 2013