Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Goal Reasoning

Posted on 21 March 2018

Our group has immediate openings for a post-doctoral researcher and a research programmer for projects pertaining to goal reasoning (GR), which is the study of agents that can autonomously select their own objectives. Our current projects on this topic pertain to the control of autonomous unmanned vehicles, both in simulation and hardware, either executing alone or in collaboration with other manned or unmanned vehicles. We also have interest in studying the use of GR techniques in interactive decision aids.

This is a particularly exciting research topic because GR is a core capability of highly autonomous agents. Our current projects on GR relate to (1) control of an amphibious vehicle, (2) control of an underwater vehicle, (3) learning the logic of a controller for selecting goal nodes and operations to apply to them, (4) rebel agents (which can object to a given goal and recommend alternatives that are consistent with command intent), and (5) explainable GR agents. Our future interests include multiagent GR, safe/assured GR techniques, and applications for intelligent decision aids (e.g., to support command staff decision making).

Ideal applicants should have experience with conducting studies of focused research hypotheses, or with supporting such studies in software development roles. Familiarity with autonomous unmanned vehicles, simulations for studying them, goal reasoning and machine learning algorithms, and related AI or control methods would be welcome. However, we also welcome applicants with related experience/expertise.

Deep Learning

Posted 21 March 2018

Our group has immediate openings for a post-doctoral researcher and a research scientist for research projects on Deep Learning (DL). Our interests include architectures and components that (1) reduce the amount of labeled data required for learning accurate classifiers, (2) gracefully tolerate novel test data, (3) support explainable machine learning, (4) dramatically increase learning rate, and (5) allow non-experts to quickly learnin and apply DL models.

In addition to having experience with developing software prototypes and conducting focused evaluations of research hypotheses, ideal applicants should have some familiarity with DL development systems, computer vision applications, and the state-of-the-art on DL research. However, we also welcome applicants with related experience/expertise.

If any of these openings interest you and you qualify, please contact David Aha to discuss them.

Postdoctoral Programs

Information on our two postdoctoral research programs can be found here. This includes our preferred vehicles, including the NRC (Post-Doctoral) Research Associateship Program, whose deadlines are the start of February, May, and August, and the NRL-ASEE Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, which accepts applications throughout the year. Both require US citizenship or permanent residency.