David W. Aha: Biography

Biography: David W. Aha

Research Interests


Employment (Non-Educational)


Current and Previous Activities

Senior Visiting or Resident Callaborators

Meetings/Events Chaired, Co-Chaired, or Co-Organized

  1. AAAI-94 Workshop: Case-Based Reasoning
  2. ICML-95 Workshop: Applying ML in Practice (w/ Pat Riddle)
  3. AAAI-95 Fall Symposium: Adaptation of Knowledge for Reuse (w/ Ashwin Ram)
  4. ECML-97 Workshop: Case-Based Learning: Beyond Classification of Feature Vectors (w/ Dietrich Wettschereck)
  5. AAAI-98 Workshop: Case-Based Reasoning Integrations (w/ Jody Daniels)
  6. AAAI-98/ICML-98 Workshop: The Methodology of Applying Machine Learning (Chair: R. Engels)
  7. AAAI-99 Workshop: Exploring Synergies of Knowledge Management and Case-Based Reasoning (w/ Irma Becerra-Fernandez, Frank Maurer, and Héctor Muñoz-Avila)
  8. IJCAI-99 Workshop: Automating the Construction of Case-Based Reasoners (w/ Chair Sarab Anand and Agnar Aamodt)
  9. AAAI-00 Workshop: Intelligent Lessons Learned Systems (w/ Rosina Weber)
  10. ICCBR-01 (Program Co-Chair, w/ Ian Watson; Chair Qiang Yang)
  11. Workshop: Semantic Web for the Military User (November 2001)
  12. ECCBR-02 Workshop: Mixed-Initiative Case-Based Reasoning
  13. ICCBR-03 Workshop: Mixed-Initiative Case-Based Reasoning
  14. IJCAI-05 Workshop: Reasoning, Representation, and Learning in Computer Games (w/ Héctor Muñoz-Avila and Michael van Lent)
  15. ICCBR-05 Workshop: Computer Games and Simulation Environments (w/ Dave Wilson)
  16. FLAIRS-07 Special Track: Case-Based Reasoning (w/ Luc Lamontagne)
  17. AAAI-07: AI Video Competition (w/ Sebastian Thrun)
  18. AAAI-08: AI Video Competition (w/ Sebastian Thrun)
  19. IJCAI-09 Workshop: Grand Challenges for Reasoning from Experiences (w/ Susan Craw (Chair), Sarabjot Singh Anand, and Barry Smyth)
  20. IJCAI-09: AI Video Competition (w/ Michael Bowling)
  21. ICCBR-10: Computer Cooking Contest (w/ Amelie Cordier)
  22. AAAI-10 Workshop: Goal Directed Autonomy (w/ Matthew Klenk, Héctor Muñoz-Avila, Ashwin Ram, and Daniel Shapiro)
  23. AAAI-11 Workshop: Analyzing Microtext (w/ Doug Oard, Sowmya Ramachandran, and Dave Uthus)
  24. ICCBR-11: Doctoral Consortium
  25. ICCBR-12: Doctoral Consortium (w/ Thomas Roth-Berghofer)
  26. ACS-13 Workshop: Goal Reasoning (w/ Michael Cox and Héctor Muñoz-Avila)
  27. ICCBR-14 Workshop: Case-Based Agents (w/ Swaroop Vattam)
  28. ACS-15 Workshop: Goal Reasoning
  29. ICCBR-15 Workshop: Case-Based Agents (w/ Michael Floyd)
  30. AAAI-16 Doctoral Consortium (w/ Dave Roberts)
  31. IJCAI-16 Workshop: Deep Learning for AI (w/ Yiannis Aloimonos, Andrew S. Gordon, and Alan Wagner)
  32. AAAI-17 Doctoral Consortium (w/ Maria Chang)
  33. ICCBR-17 (w/ Program Co-Chair w/ Jean Lieber; Local Chair Odd Erik Gundersen; and Sponsorship/Publicity Chair Kerstin Bach)
  34. IJCAI-17 Workshop: Explainable AI (XAI) (w/ Trevor Darrell, Mike Pazzani, Darryn Reid, Claude Sammut, and Peter Stone)
  35. AAAI-18 Senior Member Presentation Track (w/ Prasad Tadepalli)
  36. ICCBR-18 Workshop: Explainable CBR (XCBR) (w/ Belén Díaz Agudo and Juan A. Recio-García)
  37. IJCAI/ECAI-18 Workshop: Explainable AI (XAI) (w/ Dan Magazzeni, Trevor Darrell, and Patrick Doherty)
  38. AAAI-19 Senior Member Presentation Track (w/ Judy Goldsmith)

Ships I've Visited

  1. USS Harry W. Hill (for decomissioning)
  2. USS Blue Ridge
  3. USS Winston S. Churchill

Countries visited

Countries: 27 (12%)

USA States: 44 (88%)

Canadian Provinces: 4 (30.7%)
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