Sunshine Coast 2003

Photos by David Edwards - 9/30/2003
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01-Waiting_for_ferry 02-C_on_HS_Bay_ferry 03-C_back_of_ferry_HS_Bay 04-boats_in_Howe_Sound
Waiting for the ferry at Horseshoe Bay Carolyn on HS Bay ferry Carolyn on the back of ferry leaving HS Bay Boats in Howe Sound
05-C_on_ferry_w_boats 06-Soames_Hill_from_ferry 07-Dave_on_Langdale_ferry 08-Keats_Island_from_BandB
Carolyn on ferry with boats Soames Hill from ferry Dave on Langdale ferry Keats Island from B&B
09-C_on_Deck_at_BandB 10-Cafe_at_Earls_Cove 11-C_waiting_at_Earls_Cove 12-Ferry_docking_Earls_Cove
Carolyn on deck at B&B Cafe at Earls Cove ferry terminal Carolyn waiting for ferry at Earls Cove Ferry docking Earls Cove
13-C_on_ferry_leaving_Earls 14-D_ferry_to_Saltery_Bay 15-C_ferry_to_Saltery_Bay 16-Lund_end_of_Hwy101
On ferry leaving Earls Cove Dave on ferry to Saltery Bay Carolyn on ferry to Saltery Bay Lund - the end of Hwy101
17-Near_Powell_River 18-Carolyn_Gibsons_Landing 19-C_Gibsons_waterfront 20-Mountains_in_the_Clouds
Near Powell River Carolyn at Gibsons Landing Carolyn on the waterfront trail Gibsons Mountains in the Clouds
21-D_Soames_Hill_trail 22-C_Soames_Hill_trail 23-C_on_Soames_Hill 24-Soames_Hill_south
Dave on the Soames Hill trail Carolyn on the Soames Hill trail Carolyn on Soames Hill View from Soames Hill south

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