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Contradance caller & dance instructor based in Greater Seattle, Washington


Jennifer has been teaching social dance since 1994 and calling contradances since 1995. She's available for public dances, private celebrations and dance camps.

Jennifer is known for her smooth programming and an ever-expanding repertoire of dances that keeps experienced dancers intrigued. Her clear teaching makes dance immediately accessible to newcomers, and she loves to balance the needs of first-timers and long-timers by finding simple, flowing dances with unusual twists.

In addition to contradance, Jennifer teaches waltz, swing and vintage dance, including ballroom dances from the 1800s such as schottische and polka, and Ragtime dances such as one-step, early foxtrot, tango and Half and Half (5/4 waltz).

In 1995, Jennifer founded the Whidbey Island Contra Dance, which continued until 2008.

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Jan. 9 - South Bay Grange Contradance, Olympia, with Dale Russ.


Dec. 31 - Big New Year's Eve Dance, Lake City Contra/Old Time Country Dance, delightful couple dancing interspersed with exciting contra sets! 2 bands - Eric Anderson and Alan Roberts, and The Rhythm Rollers - and 2 callers - yours truly Jennifer Youngman and Joe Micheals!


Oct. 31 - Fifth Saturday Contradance, Tacoma, with Small Pleasures (including Paul Englesberg on flute).

JULY 2009

July 3 - Emerald City Contradance with Conniption.
July 30 - Freeway Park Dance with Conniption, 6:00 - 9:00 pm - Tons of fun! Free! Come check it out! (No Lake City dance this week.)

JUNE 2009

June 11 - Lake City Contra/Old Time Country Dance with Ryan McKasson, Marni Rachmiel, Dave Bartley and Russell Shumsky.


"My terror has turned to ecstasy!"
- first-time dancer

"[One man] raved about how well you taught and kept the enthusiasm level at an all-time high....You were the perfect person for this event."
- dance organizer

"The caller, I can't come up with enough good things to say about her....She really made everything easy, and fun."
- board member of a nonprofit hosting a fundraiser

"Jennifer, You rule! Your calling and teaching and dance selection and vibes put you in my Top-5 Favorite Callers list."
- long-time contradancer

"I will welcome the day we can do another dance together. You are one of my two favorite callers in the world."
- sizzling Celtic fiddler

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Lake City Contra Dance

Emerald City Contra Dance

Freeway Park dances

Tacoma Fifth Saturday Contradance

Greater Seattle Area


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