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Triploblastic Phinney Floor

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Triploblastic (adj.) Zool. -
of or pertaining to the metazoan body structure, except that of coelenterates, with three basic cellular layers, the ectoderm, the endoderm, and the mesoderm

Triploblastic Phinney Floor
Becket - Triple Progression

Couples slide left
NEW 4, righthand star once around
(Use hands across version)
Ladies chain across to neighbor

(Note: the slide has to merge into the star which has to merge into the chain in order to fit all of this into 16 counts)

Ladies pass by the right to partner
As couples, face line of travel on the side of the set (actives face down, inactives up)
With NEW couple, 3/4 do si do as couples until couple faces couple
(Drop hands) Pass through along the set to NEW couple

Wave of 4, balance (ladies in the middle)
Ladies allemande left halfway
Hey for 4 (start by passing partner by the right)

(Note: The hey for 4 overlaps into B2, which is highly irregular, but it works!)
Partners swing on the side

Triploblastic Phinney Floor commemorates the new triple-layered floor that was laid in the Phinney Ridge Community Center for the Emerald City dances.

Not intended for a novice crowd, this dance squeezes in a number of moves in slightly unusual ways, and the end effects keep you on your toes. But it's actually rather forgiving. Partners simply get a shorter swing if they lag behind.

This dance debuted August 13, 2004.