League Rules



REQUIREMENTS:               BBW 5.75

Current APBA season disk



FORMAT:                            Two leagues (AL and NL) consisting of two divisions per league, five teams per division.  Total number of teams = 20.  AL = DH, NL = non-DH


162 game schedule.            72 games vs. Divisional opponents

60 games vs. Non-Divisional   


30 games Inter-league play



DH:                                        DH rules are in effect for the American League.  During Inter-league and World Series play, the DH will apply when the AL team is at home.  National League home games will not use a DH.



A.I.M.                                    -  A.I.M. (Advanced Injury Management) will be used.

                                                -  MBF (max. batters faced) is enabled.

-  Ballpark Effects are not enabled.


-  A.I.M. is not reset for the playoffs.  

   Player fatigue/injuries will carry-over.



(Ballpark Effects are no longer being used)

BALLPARK EFFECTS:       1. Current stadiums only.

  2. The same stadium can be used by more than one team.

  3. Teams are not allowed to change stadiums once the

       season starts.



ROSTERS:                           Rosters will consist of 36 players (35 active, 1 inactive)

-          26 players on Majors roster

-          10 players on Minors roster


Injured Reserve Player

Teams will carry an IR player (carded or non-carded player), giving them 36 players on their roster.  All IR players will remain on a team's roster for the duration of the season.  The IR player’s status will be listed as inactive.


Full-Time Position Players

Teams should carry at least one carded full-time position player at each respective position, on their 35/36-man roster. A full-time player is defined as anyone that is listed as "Regular" under the Role category.  (When viewing your team status, it lists each player's role).


Playoff Guidelines

-          Any players acquired after the trade/free agent deadline are not eligible for the playoffs.


-          Players may be called-up/sent-down from minors/majors roster after each round (26 player roster limit - majors).  


-          If a roster move is required during a playoff series, the team will lose the player being sent down for the duration of the playoffs.  They will also lose an additional roster spot for the duration of the playoffs.   



POSITIONS:                       Players may play ONLY at their designated positions.  In the event of an injury, a player may play at a non-designated position.  It is HIGHLY recommended that all teams have at least 2 players (starter/backup) who can play at the same position during a series.



PITCHERS RULE:            Teams are required to carry a minimum of 10 pitchers on their Majors roster during the regular season. 

-  5 starting pitchers (SP’s) and 5 relief 

   pitchers (RP’s)


Starting pitchers (SP) cannot be used in relief unless they did so in real life.

-  Exception:  Starting pitchers can be used in 

   relief  during the playoffs.


Relief pitchers (RP) cannot be used to start unless they did so in real life.


Teams should bench their starting rotations to prevent possible misuse by the computer manager (i.e. - SP being used in relief, RP being used to start, etc.)


- If a team purposefully misuses an SP or RP, they'll be

  given a warning. 


- If it happens a second time, they will not be allowed to 

  make any player claims or trades for one month.


- If it happens a third time, they may be asked to step down from the league.   



STOLEN BASES:              The maximum stolen base attempts allowed is double the

                                               number of stolen base attempts on the player’s card.  This is 

                                               done to prevent players with a low number of steals and an  

                                               excellent SB rating from putting up outrageous SB

                                               numbers.  Once the SB limit is reached that player may have

                                               their SB rating reduced to "0".



SEASON PLAY:          1.     Roster moves (minors/majors) are not allowed during series


                                         2.       Auto sub must be enabled.

                                         3.       Home managers must use appropriate vs. LH/ vs. RH 

                                                 lineups for the visiting team (i.e. if the home team switches

                                                 it’s SP from a LHP to RHP, they need to switch the road

                                                 team’s lineup to LHP/RHP and vice versa).

                                         4.       During a series, in the event a starting player on the

                                                  visiting team is unable to play (injury/fatigue), the home 

                                                  team will be allowed to make an appropriate substitution for

                                                  the injured player.  If this occurs, the home team should

                                                  notify their opponent as well as the Commissioner as to

                                                  why a lineup change was made.  



PLAYOFFS:                        Four teams in each league make the playoffs. 

-          Two division winners and two wildcards. 

-          Wildcard teams determined by best record (non-division winners)

-          Seeding is as follows:

o        #1 (Div. winner best record) vs. #4 (Wildcard team 2)

o        #2 (Div. winner 2nd best record) vs. #3 (Wildcard team 1)

-          Home Team determined by best record.

-          Playoff series are best of 7.  Home/Road format=  2, 2, 1, 1, 1

-          Home Field for the World Series is determined by InterLeauge record for the current season.


A.I.M. is not reset for the playoffs.  Player fatigue and injuries carry-over. 


Players may be called-up/sent-down from minors/majors roster after each round   (26 player roster limit - majors).  


-          If a roster move is required during a playoff series, the team will lose the player being sent down for the duration of the playoffs.  They will also lose an additional roster spot for the duration of the playoffs.   

Post-Season Starting Pitcher rule  

Starting pitchers must have at least 10 starts and 50 ip (MLB Stats) in order to be used as a Starting Pitcher in the Post-Season


FREE AGENTS:                Free agent pickups will be allowed after the 1st month of the season.  Emergency Claims” will be allowed earlier, if needed. 


All Emergency Claims will be released once the regular Free-Agent claim period begins.


Free agent claims should only be sent to the Commissioner. 


 The team with the worst record gets first priority when claiming a free agent.  If more than one team claims the same free agent, then a tiebreaker will occur. 


Free Agent Tiebreakers are determined as follows:

- home record (worse win %)

- division record (worse %)

- head-to-head

- dice roll


When claiming a free agent, you MUST include who you want to cut from your roster (to make room for your F.A. pickup).  If you fail to list a player to be cut, you will not get the player you are claiming. 


*See ROSTERS section regarding player eligibility for post-season play.



TRADES:                             All agreed upon trades should be sent to the Commissioner, and cc: to the team you are trading with.  Trades are subject to Commissioner approval.


Draft picks are not tradable from year to year.  You can only trade draft picks involving the current season. 


Trades are not allowed with vacant teams.


Any players acquired after the trade/free agent deadline will not be eligible for the playoffs.


*** If someone makes a trade offer, please be kind enough to respond to it (whether you like the offer or not).  This only takes a few seconds to do and it’s greatly appreciated by the team making the offer.




                                    One month before the end of the regular season, the

                                                "trade/free agent eligible deadline" goes into effect.  After

                                                 the deadline, player claims will only be allowed as

                                                 "emergency claims".  Any post-deadline claims will not be

                                                 eligible for post-season play and will be cut at the end of the

                                                 regular season.



MICRO-MANAGERS:      All teams must choose a micro-manager for their road



If a manager is not selected for an opponent, the home team can use Felipe Hernandez as the road team manager for the series.


Managers that are being used in the current season will be available for download on the ALG website. 


If you create a manager or download a new manager, you must confirm with the commissioner that you’re using a newer manager.  



PRE-SEASON DRAFT:    Prior to each season, there will be a “Rookie/Free Agent

                                               Draft”, consisting of players that are not on teams.    


Prior to the draft, teams may cut as many players as they desire.  Once the draft begins, cuts are no longer allowed.  Everyone will draft until they have filled their 36 man roster.


If a team misses a draft pick, the pick can be made up at any time.  Any players drafted in the interim, will remain on their respective teams’ roster. 



DRAFT ORDER:                - Spots 1-4 are determined via lottery.

- Spots 5-12 (non-playoff teams) are based on overall record.

- Spots 13-20 (playoff teams) are based on playoff



Tiebreakers are determined as follows:

-          Head-to-head record

-          Division record

-          Home record

-          Coin toss



RULES CHANGES:          Any changes to the rules must be voted on and approved by a

                                              league vote. 

A 2/3 vote is required to change a rule.  Commissioner has the right to veto a rule proposal if it’s deemed to be a detriment to the league.



HOME/ROAD RECORD:  If at any time after 100 games a team has a home record

                                                 of .320 pct or greater than their road record, the

                                                Commissioner has the option to play the rest of that team’s

                                                home games C vs. C. The road playoff team has the option to

                                                play the games on-line if they desire. If the home team

                                                refuses to play online their games will be played C vs. C by 

                                                the Commissioner, if deemed necessary.



TANKING:                          If a team blatantly manipulates their roster to lose games, that team's ownership will be terminated by the Commissioner.


CHEATING:                       Anyone caught cheating will be removed from the league.



TARDINESS:                      If you’re going to miss some time, please notify the



Anyone who fails to keep up with the league for the duration of one month, without notification, may be dismissed from the league.  The vacant team will then be controlled by the Commissioner until a new owner is found. 






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