Playoff Guidelines:
- Any players claimed after the Trade Deadline have been temporarily released until the end of the postseason.  (see Transactions page for specific players)
- Player callups will only be allowed after each playoff round.  No claims allowed. (see "Injuries" below for more info)
- Starting pitchers may be used in relief. (Relievers cannot start).
- Each series will be played at your own pace.  After the League Play file has been sent, you can begin playing your home games.  Send the results to your opponent and also myself.  When you send your file, let your opponent know that you are ready for them to play their games.  Once they receive your go ahead, they will be allowed to play their home games, etc. 
    ** If you need to make any lineup/rotation adjustments always create a new f-file.  
        (Be sure not to overwrite any previously made f-files as this may cause you to lose your recently played results)
-  Player fatigue (AIM) carries over for the playoffs.  Each player will have some RUse% added to their current end-of-season total, the amount added is determined by BBW.  Basically, if a player plays full-time, they will have an amount added to their RUse% so they can be used full-time.  If you have a part-time player, they will have an amount added to their RUse% as well, but there % will decrease faster than a full-time player will. 
- During a series, player callups are only allowed in an emergency.  If a move is needed, please notify the Commish before proceeding any further in your series.
- If a roster move is required during a playoff series, the team will lose the player being sent down for the duration of the playoffs.  They will also lose an additional roster spot for the duration of the playoffs
- If injury/fatigue occurs and a player needs to be used out of position, the teams must notify the Commish before any upcoming games are played in the series.

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