Military Map showing Phu Da in the bottom-left
portion. (Note the tiny plane just below Phu Da (2) indicating a runway at the An Hoa Marine Base.)
This map was taken from James Webb's novel "Fields of Fire. On James Webb's map Phu Da is listed as the Duc Duc Resttlement Village just above An Hoa.
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The Da Nang area map showing
An Hoa ValleyNote: no space for the text!
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Duc Duc, Vietnam.
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Faces of Duc Duc
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Hand written map showing the hamlets of Phu DA. An Hoa would have been at the bottom of this map.
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Combined Action Program (CAP)
Duc Duc, Vietnam Guest Book
What happened to Duc Duc after the Americans left the Village.
What Led Up To The Massarce of Duc Duc, Vietnam.
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