This Popular Force militiaman was great to hang around with... on and off... the battlefield. He was funny, very intelligent, dedicated and brave. All the Americans called him Frenchy, because he served with the French against the Communists.
This boy's parents always invited us to share in their family's dinner. In most cases it was plain, white rice. However, if there was a handful of fish, the elders and the Americans were offered the fish first.
A typical Duc Duc Housewife returning from shopping at the marketplace. Although most women of Duc Duc were below five feet in height and slim, they were very strong women.
This is one of many water buffaloes that lived in Duc Duc. If you worked in rice patties for 12-hour days, these large animals were great tools to have around. To own one was a sign of wealth.
This smiling, young girl is standing under a Banana Tree. There is a large bunch of Bananas just right of her head.
Gunny McCellan and Lance Corporal John Combs. They were both Southern Gentleman.
The Story of the Last Days of
Duc Duc, Vietnam.
"Banging Pots" the Movie
Combined Action Program (CAP)
The French Bridge is just in front of the two peasant women. It connected the hamlets Phu Da (1) and Phu Da (2).
The Communists blew the bridge in 1969. Although it leaned badly to one side, the bridge was still crossable by foot.

The bridge was repaired in July 1970 by a team of United States Navy Seabees.
A CAP Marine looking up towards "Football Island" on the Thu Bon River. The river was the main escape route whenever the Communists attacked Duc Duc. Right across the river from Duc Duc was a Communist stronghold nicknamed "The Arizona Territory."

On March 30, 1971, thousands of Communist soldiers, along with hundreds of Communist Terrorists, used this escape route in their final attack on Duc Duc. (But this time, only Marine helicopters were there to drive away the Communists.)

The Fifth Marines had pulled out of the An Hoa Valley, and Vietnam entirely, due to President Nixon's troop pullout.

CAP 2-9-2 was disbanded in August 1970.
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