A listing of names of inns, taverns, etc.  If I recall correctly, I originally got the start of this from a compilation of posts to Usenet, but I have since added to it liberally with some ideas of my own, posts to internet message boards and so forth.  There are currently 732 names here so you'll understand if I've "stolen" your idea without giving credit.   Besides, you'd be surprised how many of these HAVE been suggested independently by more than one person, and in any case since they have all been offered freely on public forums my purpose here is simply gathering them into a convenient location, not claiming credit.   There's more than enough names here for every campaign you will EVER run.  Yet at the bottom are "templates" to use for simply doing it yourself - provided especially for those who claim they just can't come up with names.  The list is alphabetical.  For many entries you should assume there's a "The..." in front of the entry.  They are ignored for purposes of alphabetizing anyway and I got tired of adding ", The" at the end.



9 Horse Hitch
10 Bed Inn, The
Aerie of the Eagles
Adventurer’s Hall
Alchemist’s Alembic
Ales 'n Beds
Alehouse of the Serpents, The
Alicorn, The
Amulet and Wineskin, The
Arma Gedd Inn
Axe and Compass, The
Axehandle Ale
Badger and Harp, The
Badger Head
Bag and Flagon, The
Banjo and Zigzag, The
Bar of Kings, The
Barf Bag, The
Bartie's Food and Brew
Basque and Feijoa, The
Battle Axe Inn
Bedry, The
Beast’s Head
Beauty Man Garden (servers are well-built 19yr olds)
Beefy Stu's Beefy Stews
Beehive, The
Beer Guzzler, The
Behir and the Beholder, The
Belching Boar
Belle, The
Belly Buster, The
Bent Elbows, The
Bibbo’s Pub
Biers (undead related)
Big Boy, The
Big Red Dog, The
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Alehouse
Blabbering Kobold
Black Barrels
Black and Blue Unicorn
Black Boar, The
Black Hole, The
Black Pearl, The (near the ocean)
Black Swan, The (sounds like a posh joint on a calm pond to me)
Black Wednesday
Blind Basilisk, The
Blind Eye, The (caters to thieves but claims neutrality)
Blind Marksman
Blood of the Vine (from Ravenloft I believe)
Blue Bear, The
Blue Bladesman, The
Blue Duck, The
Blue Lantern, The (Blue Light Special)
Blue Parrot Inn
Boar and Spear, The
Boar's Bristles, The
Boar's Chase, The
Boar's Head Inn
Boar's Rest
Bob's Place
Bog and Barrel, The
Boil and Youth, The
Bottomless Keg
Bowl's Rim, The
Broken Arrow
Broken Bow
Broken Cane, The
Broken Drum, The
Broken Fist, The
Broken Kender Arms, The (with good reason...)
Buffalo's Beard, The
Bull and Finch, The
Bullet and Barrel, The
Bullseye Tavern, The
Bunch o' Grapes
Bunk House, The
Burly Beholder
Burning Corpse
Buxom Wench, The
Cafe of Broken Dreams, The
Candi Bar, The (yet another fine erotic entertainment center)
Cardinal's Error, The
Caritas (“Mercy”, owned by karaoke loving green dragon)
Cat and Fiddle, The
Cat and Mouse, The
Cat's Claw Inn, The
Cesspit, The
Chicken's Rest, The
Chipped Chalice
Clan of the White Wind
Cloak and Dagger
Cloven Hoof, The
Clowns, Inn of
Cock and Hen, The
Colored Noun
Come on Inn, The
Cow's Horn, The
Creative Marquee, The
Creative Marquis, The
Crippled Griffon
Crazy Cleric
Crazy Monk
Crimson Chord
Crooked Corner
Crossed Daggers, The
Crossed Swords, The
Crow's Heart, The
Crow's Nest, The
Cup and Mug, The
Dancing Elephant, The
Dancing Giant
Dancing Kobold
Dancing Pig, The
Dave's Hideously Dangerous Animal Emporium
Days End Inn
Dead Elf
Dead Eye Moon
Dead Fish, The
Dead Kings
Dead Man's Bluff, The
Dead Mime
Dead Parrot Inn
Deadly Minister's Hall, The
Demon and Hawk, The
Derrin's Divine Brews
Desert’s Jewel
Devil and Deva, The
Dew Drop Inn, The
Dirty Dog, The
Dirty Dwarf, The
Dirty Laundry, The
Divine Delights
Doan Goe Inn, The
Doctoris Inn, The
Dog and Thrush, The
Dog's Bollocks, The
Dracolich, The (skeleton found in back yard)
Dragon and Flagon, The
Dragon Skulls, The (with a pair of same over the bar)
Dragons's Bar, The
Dragon's Breath, The
Dragon's Claw, The
Dragon's Codpiece, The
Dragon's Hoarde, The
Dragon’s Jaw
Dragon's Lair
Dragon's Spittoon
Dreaming Dragon
Dreaming Elf, The
Driest Bone
Drift On Inn
Drinking Druid
Drinking Ogre, The
Dripping Man (fresh corpses hung above)
Drowned Rat, The
Drunken Boar, The
Drunken Cow , The
Drunken Demon
Drunken Dog
Drunken Dragon
Drunken Dwarf
Drunken Mephit
Drunken Monkey
Drunken Owlbear, The ("It's a hoot!")
Drunken Sailor, The
Drunken Stogg
Dry Stout
Dungeon and Dragon, The (so obvious I can't believe I've never used it myself)
Duplicate Chant, The
Durien's Dazzlin' Darlins
Dustbin of Death, The
Dwarf's Axe, The
Dwarf's Keg, The
Dwarven Egg
Easing the Badger
Eastern Delights, Inn of the
Ebon Flow
Efreeti's Wish, The
Eights and Aces
Elegant Book, The
Elegant Chant Hall, The
Elegant Prayer Tavern, The
Elf’s Ears
Elf's Ultimatum, The
Elswer's (from a book called "The World is Round" by Tony Rothman)
Elven Nations
Empty Pocket
End of the Road
End of the World, The
Ent Tent, The
Ergon’t Taps
Erics Erotic Dancers
Ever-full Jugs, The Tavern of
Eye of the Beholder, The
Eye of the Specter
Fallen Man, The
Farlanghn's Rest
Fat Dragon Inn, The
Fat Jack's Blues & Grub
Fawning Orc, The
Feetal's Gizzard
Fermented Drunkard, The
Fiery Clap, The
Fig and Gristle, The
Fire Mountain Brewery
Fired Demon
Fisherman's Friend, The
Flabby Troll
Flame, The
Flaming Snake, The
Flaming Squirrel, The
Flask and Sword, The
Flying Fish
Flying Monk Tavern
Friends of the Queen
Foresthome Rest
Forsaken Souls, Inn of
Fox and Hound, The
Fox Hole, The
Fox's Tail, The
Frog and Duck
Frog and Peach
Frogleg Inn
Frogs Eggs (built with treasure from giant frogs)
Frost Bite
Frosted Flagon
Frosty Mug, The
Frozen Axe, The
Full Bottle Inn, The
Full Moon Tavern, The
Full Tankard, The
Fumbling Ogre
Furious Llama, The
Gaff and Slasher, The
Geezul's Place
Gelded Ranger, The
Giant's Nose, The
Glaring Goblin
Gnoll's Belly, The
Goat's Blood, The
Goat's Head, The
Gob's (old style inn run by old goblin named Gob)
Goblins Armpit
Golden Chain, The
Golden Dragon Inn, The
Golden Grain, The
Golden Gryphon, The
Golden Hammer
Golden Lady, The
Golden Perch
Golden Schooner, The
Golden Stool, The
Good Night Inn, The
Gory's Tavern
Gray Wizard, The
Great Black Axe, The
Greasy Squeal, The
Great Arm, The Inn of the
Green Dragon, The (Tolkien)
Green Griffon, The
Green Man, The
Grig’s Fiddle
Grik’s Bar and Billiards
Grimy Cauldron, The
Gritty McDuff's
Grizzly Cave, The
Grobo's Grotto
Grog Barrel
Grumbling Dwarf, The
Guest's Dormitory, The (near the wizards academy)
Guinea Pig
Guts ‘n Glory
Gutted Pig, The
Halflings' Revenge
Half-way Inn, The (between worlds)
Hall of Narwhals, The
Hammer and Anvil
Hammer, Anvil, and Stirrup, The
Hamster's Folly, The
Hanging Cat
Hanging Man
Happy Dwarf
Happy Harpy Tavern, The
Happy Hooker, The
Happy Lich
Happy Orc (above three owned by female half-orc and blind dwarf)
Happy Puppy
Happy Saturday's
Happyfeet (feet of indeterminate origin over the bar)
Harlot’s Galleon
Harpoon Louie's
Harpy's Hideaway, The
Harvester’s Gate
Hatchet Jack's
Head On Inn
Hearthstone Arms
Heart of Oak, The
Helix, The
Hen and Apple, The
Herald’s Rest (within 5 min. sprint of the palace)
Here's Sin in Your Eye
Hide Away
Highlighted Eye, Inn of the
Hillshire Farm
Hilltop Hideaway
Hobbit's Armpit, The
Hobgoblin's Fist, The
Hole in the Wall
Honest Barrister, The
Hops Skip & Jump
Horn and Haunch, The
Horn and Hounds, The
Horny Halfling, The
Horse and Hound, The
Horwrath's Haven
House of Cards
Hungry Tree, The
I Can't Believe It's Not Stolen
Icarus Descending
Ice Dragon House
Imps Intestine, The
Indigo Incubus
Inn, The
Inn of Clowns
Inn of the Eagles, The
Inn of the Welcome Wench
Inter-planetary House of Spam
Iron Fist, The
Ivy Bush
Jade Terrorist, The
Jane & Tonnig’s (gin & tonic)
Joker's Maniacal Frogleg and Nosewart Cafe, The
Just Ale (opposite courthouse; statue of blindfolded woman holding a mug and plate)
Karnov's Bar and Grill
Kettles Inn
Khaki Garter, The
Kibbles n' Bits' Inn
King's Coin, The
King's Rest, The
King's Spellbook, The
King's Throne, The
Klatchian's Head, The
Knife in the Back, The
Knight's Tournament, The
Knotted Beard
Knyte Lyfe (owners name is Knyte)
Kraken, The
Kraken’s Throat
Krazy Kobold
Labyrinth, The
L’auberge du cochon siffleur (“Inn of the Whistling Pig”)
Lascivious Fairy, The
Last Book (libarary tavern)
Last Call (at end of 2k long pier)
Last Chance Inn
Last Port Tavern
Laughing Cat, The
Laughing Cow, The
Laughing Dragon
Laughing Earl, The
Laughing Fox, The
Laughing Judge, The
Laughing Minotaur, The
Laurence's Mug-house
Lazy Lamprey, The
Lazy Oak
Leaping Lizardman
Lecherous Virgin, The
Liar’s Lye
Library ("I've been at the Library")
Lich’s Tomb (run by lich)
Lion and Lantern
Lion's Den, The
Lonely Haystack, The
Lonely Unicorn
Lonely Wanderer, The Inn of the
Looter's (with barmaids that are thieves)
Lost Wayfarer, The
Lotus, The
Lunar Night
Mad Fiddler, The (namesake bard stays there between adventures and during winter)
Maggot's Rest
Malenthiyas Hearth
Mangy Dog, The
Manicured Mouse, The
Marbled Lady, The (with armless statue in bar) [see The Nicked Bits below}
Marty’s Tavern
Master and Aubergine, The
Mead Market
Mended Drum, The
Mermaid’s Flagon (mermaid figurehead with flagon at the door)
Mermaid's Smile, The
Merry Wizard, The
Monk and Eggplant, The
Mountain Home Inn, The
Mousehole, The
Mug o' Ale, The
Mulled Apple, The
Murdered Priest, The
Musty Moldan's Mighty Morsels
Nag's Head, The
Nanny's Arms, The
Naughty Damsel
New Cup, The
New Sword Hall, The
Nicked Bits, The (with marble, female statue arms over bar) [see The Marbled Lady above]
Night Candle Inn
Nomadic Revery
Nonnovyer Buisiness
Noisy Bed Inn, The
Northern Road, Inn of the
Nothing's Free House
Nymph’s Grove Tavern
Oarhouse, The
Octopus Club, The
Oiled Spleen
Ol' Bacon and Eggs, The
Old Flying Penguin
Old Lantern, The
Old Man and the Smee, The
Old Rubin's
Olde Fox Decieved, The
One-eyed Jack’s
One-legged Man, The
Only Bar in the Multiverse Without a Convenient Back Door, The
Only Port in a Storm Inn, The
Open Book, The (caters to sages, students, etc.)
Old Grant's Ale-house
Orange Ogre, The
Orc's Armpit
Orc's Head Inn
Orc's Toenail, The (a real dive)
Orc’s Pride
Organ and Poinsettia, The
Over the Wall (just outside the city wall)
Paladin and Angel, The
Pay Up Front
Peacock Alley
Peddler and Cleric, The
Perfumed 'Possum, The
Pig and Pie
Pig and Whistle, The (Dragonlance)
Pink Dragon, The
Pink Lady Inn
Pipe and Tobacco, The
Pistol & Whip
Plaid Chameleon
Plastered Imbecile, The
Playful Party Place, The
Pleasure Palace, The
Port in a Storm, The
Pot Belly, The
Prancing Pony, The (Tolkien of course)
Puke Bucket
Priest and Horse, The
Puking Unicorn, The
Punchin’ Pete’s Palace
Purple Bucket, The
Purple Penguin Pub
Puzzle and Egg, The
Queens Head (reputed to once have real queens head over bar)
Quene's Hed, The
Raging Dire Cow
Raging Flea, The
Rain Cloud, The
Rain Song, The
Rampaging Rabbit, The
Rampant Dragon, The
Ram’s Horn
Ram's Lord's Tavern
Randy Stoat, The
Ranger's Lookout, The
Rasvi & Vijay's Stop and Eat
Rats Nest, The
Razorback Inn, The
Realm’s Tavern
Red Barrel Brewery
Red Crow
Red Dragon
Red Dwarf, The
Red Lantern, The
Red Rogue
Red Sky Inn, The
Refuge from the Storm, The
Rifle and Whip
Ripped Kitty
Road Kill Café
Road to Araby
Roadwarden’s Rest
Roamer's Pillow, The
Robber's Inn, The
Rock Rock Rock (name is dwarvish and loses its meaning in translation to common – Pratchett?)
Rolling Meadows, The
Rooster and Spheres, The
Rose and Crown, The
Rose Gem, Inn of the
Rotgut Room, The
Rouge Rogue (red rogue)
Royal Pockets
Ruby Blade, The
Ruby Lips, The
Rusty Blade, The
Rusty Grog (rust monster pet)
Rusty Justicar, The
Rusty Nail
Rusty Vampire
Safe Haven, The
Safe House, The (went there in Milwaukee during GenCon 2000)
Sahuagen and Lady, The
Sailor's Delight, The
Salty Dog, The
Satyr and Stiletto, The
Sauce Bucket, The
Scheister's Casino, Inn, and Mortuary (all in one)
Sea Barrel
Sea Dog, The
Seabreeze Inn
Seatin' 'N Eatin'
Seven Priests
Severed Arms
Sexist Pig, The
Screaming Demon
Shallow Swamp, The
Shining Gem, The
Ship's Wheel, The
Shipyard, The
Short Neck Clam Town Inn and Tavern
Shot in the Dark, The
Sign of the Cringing Eunuch, The
Sign of the Golden Orange, The
Sign of the Jester, The
Sign of the Northward Gull
Sign of the Sign (the sign out front has a recursive painting of a sign on a sign on a sign...)
Sign of the Talon, The
Silver Axe, The
Silver Cypher, The (base of operations for a band of demon-hunting werebears)
Silver Oak Inn, The
Silver Snail, The
Singing Boar, The
Site of the Harvest
Six Flags over Mead
Skull-Dragon Inn, The (dragon skull on wall over bar)
Slap and Tickle
Slaughtered Cabbage
Slaughtered Lamb, The (American Werewolf in London)
Sleep Here
Sleeping Demon, The
Sleepy Halfling, The
Slippery Eel, The
Sloppy Salamander, The
Slugfest, The
Slumbering Serpent, The
Smiling Orc, The
Smithy's Armpit, The
Snake Pit, The
Snake's Foot, The
Snoring Troll
Solar Night, The
Song Bird, The
Sottish Gnome
Spend the Knight Inn
Spit and the Fire
Splintered Ego Tavern
Spread-eagled Bugbear, The
Squalid Claw, The
Stalin’s Mother
Sterling Hook, The
Step Right Inn, The
Stinking Cow, The
Stinking Boar Inn, The
Stinky Tuna, The
Strange Brew
Strangled Cat, The
Strong Drink
Student's Hideaway (opposite the Guest Dorms and charges by the hour)
Stumble on Inn, The
Stumpy Bob's House of Beer
Succubus, The
Sundown, The
Supply in the Sky (flying merchant's guild/bar/inn)
Surly Goat
Svirfneblin's Ear, The
Swagger and Swivel, The
Swashbuckler's Luck
Sword's Sleep
Tattered Crown
Tavern of the Blushing Barmaids
Tavern of Ever-full Jugs, The
Tavern on the Edge (of something…)
Ted’s Beer and Bathhouse
Temple of Gruumsh, The
Thank God It’s Open
Thiefs Knot, The
Thirsty Vampire
Thirsty Whale, The
This Ain't Your Daddy's Bar
Three Eye Tavern
Three Gables, The
Three Happy Mice
Three Lions
Three Sheets
Three Swords
Thug and Succubus, The
Thunderbird Club, The
Thurston's Brass Tankard
Time’s Grave
Tipsy McStagger’s
Tipsy Tarrasque, The
Tipsy Troll Tavern
Tired Dog, The
Tired Traveller, The
Toad & Turtle
Toss-It-Back, The (patrons throw mugs back at bartenders, who have gloves of missile catching)
Tower Tavern, The
Townhouse, The
Treadwell’s Beer and Sausage
Tree With Antlers, The
Trog Scent Tavern
Troll Breath Repository
Troll Slayer Tavern
Troll’s Head Inn
Trough, The (serves BIG drinks)
Turkey Cove Sleep and Eat
Twin Left Feet
Twisted Boot
Two-Fingered Troll, The
Two Halfling's Inn, The
Two Steeple Inn (between two temples)
Ulcer, The
Van Smack's Tavern and Inn
Victorious Egret, The
Vincent's Gin-Palace
Violet Vein, The
Violent Dog, The
Violent Priestess Hall, The
Virgin and Nightmare, The
Voluptuous Elf, The
Vulgar Unicorn
Wagonhouse, The
Wagon Wheel, The
Wand and the Stein, The
Wandering Mistrel, The
Wandering Serpent Inn, The
Wanton Wench, The
Warm Socks
Watchman's Light, The
Way Out Inn, The
Wayfarer's Home, The
Wayfarer's Lay, The
Weary Wanderer, The
Weasels Warble, The
Weigh Inn, The
Well Worn Wench, The Inn of the
We're Not Hostel
Wet Dog
Whirling Dervish
Whisper and Boil, The
Whistling Oyster
Whistling Pig, The
White Hand, The
White Hart
White Roc Inn, The
White Spear
White Tree, The
Whiteblade’s Winery
Whompers (sign hanging from large cudgel)
Widowers Den, The
Wig and Thistle, The
Wild Chessman, The
Wild Side, The
Wiley Winnint, The
Willowbee's Brewery
Willow, The
Wine of Heaven, The
Wistful Wyvern, The
Wizard's Tower, The
Wobblin’ Will’s Wide World of Whiskey
Wobbling Goblin
Wobbly Boot
Wolfhound, The
Wolf's Den, The
Wooden Pillow, The
Woolystonecrafters Inn, The
World of Wines
World's End Inn
Worn Cudgel
Wrong Bar, The
Yawning Dog, The
Yawing Portal, The (Waterdeep entrance to Undermountain)
Ye Granny’s Ale
Yellow Necromancer, The
Zoo, The



The [name of city] Arms - e.g. "The Ashabenford Arms"
The [verb][noun] - e.g. "The Laughing Cow", "Prancing Pony," "Dancing Dragon," "Wandering Serpent"
The [adjective][noun] - e.g. "The Thirsty Whale", "The Warm Hearth"
The [noun] & [noun] - e.g. "The Rogue & Raven"
The [creature]'s [body part] - e.g. "The Snake's Eye"
The [creature]'s [object] - e.g. "The Dwarf's Axe"
The [color][noun] - e.g. "The Blue Barrel"
The [historical event] - e.g. "The Hostage Exchange"
[geographical feature] - e.g. "The Old Skull Inn," "Riverside Tavern"
[name]'s - "Gob's," "Delforth's," "Elswer's"
Puns - e.g. "Cheers", "The Library"
Descriptive - e.g. "The Rundown Dive," "The Clean, Well-Lighted Place Tavern"

    Place your taverns or inns in unusual places such as on ships (docked or a hull on dry land), in a hollow tree or a cave or an unusual building like a former temple or barn.
    Devise something unusual about the owner, the staff, the patrons, or the building and name it after that.  For example an unusual owner like a CG ogre or troll, barmaids that are all thieves, or there's a dragon skull over the bar, or a permanent illusion of a daytime summer sky overhead (ooh, I like that and I just now came up with it), or the building has a stream running through it (and that one too - maybe both of those together...).
    Also, you can take a name from the list that wasn't intended to be anything but a name and make something about it real.  For example, "The Mousehole" may have been named that because there's an intelligent mouse or two that lives through a hole in the wall that make a special beer for the owner.
    Just don't forget that a world needs "normal" taverns and inns too.

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