Dungeons & Dragons
What is Dungeons & Dragons?

      Using the Rules:

How 1st Edition AD&D Initiative Actually Works and How It Can Work Better

How 1st Edition AD&D Combat Works In General

An Overview of Ability Score Generation Methods for Characters

A D&D Manifesto - basic understandings between players and DM

Alignments Are NOT Broken

Pacing Issues Within D&D

Creating Encounters and the Confusion about E.L.

1E AD&D: Initial Spells and Casting Explanation

1E AD&D: How Psionics Actually Works

A Revision of the Monk Class


    Running the Game:

On Death and Resurrection


A Day in the Life...

Dividing Treasure - Old and New Methods

Mass Combat in D&D

The 36 Basic Plots

Ideas for Unusual Governments

List of Inn/Tavern Names

Spelljammer Files


    Meta-game and Miscellaneous:

Making Dice Bags

The 1996 GenCon Survey on Third Edition

The James Dallas Egbert Case

Quotable Quotes

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