Client list

Most recent position:
State of Washington Department of Licensing
Forms and Records Analyst
  • Provide graphics, forms, and design support for agency website.
  • Provide graphic design, software technical assistance, and editorial support to in-house publications designers.
  • Write, edit, design, and produce ready-for-print masters (or PDFs) of newsletters, brochures, training manuals, flyers, and posters.
  • Research, evaluate, propose, and maintain forms and graphic design standards for the agency.
  • Manage, design, and produce program area desktop publishing projects and marketing instruments.

Other experience:

  • Wrote and edited informational documents, advertising copy, newsletter articles/interviews, instructions, and form letters in several support positions throughout my career.
  • Edited a project proposal for out-sourced ISP technical support and start-up services for submission to a midwestern cable corporation.
  • Wrote a supplemental budget request for funds to create an electronic forms review/analysis project for submission to the state legislature.
  • Provided user support via email and phone for Pagemaker, Freehand, Photoshop, and Netscape.
  • Provided Mac/Windows95 operating system and connectivity support via email and phone.
  • Wrote and edited copy for a newspaper advertising department.
  • Coordinated several statewide projects in a government agency.

Skills summary:

  • Highly proficient with Pagemaker as a tool for forms and publications design and pre-press preparation.
  • Extremely capable with Freehand in the creation of graphics, flyers, and customized logos for web and cross-platform use.
  • Creative and effective with Photoshop as an image editor for web graphics and printed image production.
  • Comfortable in the use of BBEdit as a text-based HTML editor.
  • Familiar with Acrobat as a format for distributing consistent-looking documents and interactive forms to non-specific platforms via the Internet, intranets, or LANs.

Abilities summary:

  • Functions capably in both web and print publishing industries as a copy writer, copy editor, graphic designer, and troubleshooter.
  • Communicates, negotiates, and organizes effectively and efficiently.
  • Understands business process analysis, extranet/intranet website construction, and the rudiments of computer hardware functions.
  • Respects and recognizes the practical value of clean, efficient HTML coding.


The Evergreen State College
Olympia, WA
06/88 Bachelor of Arts - English and Mass Communications

Lower Columbia Community College
Longview, WA
06/86 Associate of Arts - English

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