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DTPchick Ink is the brainchild of Victoria "Vickie" Heywood.

I've worked on and off (mostly on) for over 30 years. In nearly every one of the jobs I've held, it became my responsibility to write the correspondence and design the marketing instruments though doing so was rarely part of my job description. I've always had an affinity for words and many employers simply helped me make advantageous use of it.

I never actually got my hands on the real tools of the desktop publishing trade, though, until 1993 when I began working in a state agency's print management office. There, as a forms analyst, I was also called upon to design, write, and edit manuals, brochures, newsletters, flyers, forms, and many other printed products. In this role, my interest in and talent for using words and images to entice or to impart information grew more skillful. When my duties began to include designing for the web, it became clear to me that that was what I really wanted to do with myself. You see, the print work in which I'd typically been involved was mostly black and white. Color at such a reasonable price on the web (FREE!) tempted me with all it's possibilities to enhance the words; an ideal exercise for creativity.

That's what DTPchick Ink is; an outlet for my love affair with words and the pictures that can say thousands of them. In fact, I sometimes liken myself at the keyboard to a monk devotedly illuminating text. Though I may be humming or listening to loud music, I'm just as happily employed to put virtual ink into pixels.

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