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The Birth of Objectivism...


The key individuals who helped develop Objectivism are being invited to participate in a series of on-camera interviews designed to preserve, in their own words, the founding period of Objectivism.

The interviews are archived on DVD and made permanently available to the public. In addition, selected excerpts will be licensed for documentaries, educational videos and news journalism features. In this way, the archive will be both an invaluable historical resource and a print/broadcast journalism resource in support of Objectivism.

The Objectivist History Project needs your help to continue this work…


Many of the “original Objectivists” are now in their seventies, eighties or older. The interviewing must move forward as fast as possible. That’s why it’s crucial that supporters of Objectivism, like yourself, step forward today to help fund The Objectivist History Project.


The small window of opportunity to create this priceless time capsule will eventually slip away.




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New DVD can be yours free for supporting The Objectivist History Project…


On DVD(NTSC) 50 min 


Nathaniel Branden, Robert Hessen, Joan Kennedy-Taylor, and Ed Snider remember the early years of the Objectivist movement.   The best of the exclusive OHP video interviews. 


A $39.95 value - free to Objectivist History Project members contributing $100 or more.


UPDATE!:  Volume Two of "The Birth of Objectivism" video interview series is now available free to contributors of $100. or more

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