updated 4 May 2000


I am leaving for Europe on Tuesday May 2nd and will return May 13th. I will be checking my email from the road, so please do not hesitate to write. Thanks for your interest and support.

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Between March 19 and April 2, 2000,
a group of nine drummers travelled to Cuba
to study drums, percussion, and life in Cuba.
It was quite an experience.

Another Study Trip is planned for July 2 - 16!

If you would like more information
about studying music in Cuba, please
email me.

I'm also going to put some video here as well.


A trip to Cuba might very well change your life. This the way to get there.

Pat Stevens


There are no words to explain this experience, only a feeling which will stay with me during my entire life. Only one thought: when can I go back?

Wim Jellema

AfroCuba de Matanzas-
We went here for a great performance.

As part of our July trip, the 2nd through the 16th, we'll be studying in Matanzas for two days!


A Meeting of the Spirits

At the Music School

Wim, Patrick, James, and Maria

Pictures with our folkloric teacher and friend, Raul Gonzalez Brito, "Lali".

Here are Don and Maria, after our visit to
Varadero Beach
Ben and our drumset teacher, Oliver Valdés  


Wim Jellema, groovin out!