Our Drum and Percussion Study Trips
in Habana and Matanzas, Cuba

Images from March 2001.

updated 2 May 2001
More pics here as well...
and here! (as of 23 April).

cuba drums


We had such a great group on this trip.
Thanks to all of you for making it happen!

Some of these pics might take a little time to download. I think it's worth the wait.

Pictures from our July 2000 trip are here. Pictures from our March 2000 trip are here.

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What a wonderful experience.  The drum experience is only a small part of the overall experience.  The history, culture, wonderful people, combined with the study of cuban percussion makes for a once in a lifetime experience.  I'm ready to make a return trip!



The Craic was Mighty!

(translated from Irish to um, American, it means "It was Awesome!"


Cuba was awesome, I loved it there. The people are open, warm, and willing to spend some time relaxing and enjoying life. The first night there I had a wonderful dream about running and dancing through the streets of Havana, celebrating the freedom of the spirit which is so much more visible there. I miss being there very much and hope that someday I will return.



I had two of the greatest weeks of my life in Cuba! It changed my whole outlook on the purpose and function of music. I have never learned so much in such a short period of time, and had so much fun doing it.





What a great group! Here we are across the bay from Habana.

In Matanzas, with Minini, leader of Afro Cuba de Matanzas



Ben and Alan at our Drum House.


Ann getting down with Migue!


The Clave, key to it all!

Ben and Lalo at our first ceremony. Hey, remember what the "muerto" said?!

At Cafe Cantante, getting ready to hear KLIMAX

Erin and Migue at Casa de la Musica. If you look in the background
you'll see Pedrito Calvo, ex-singer of Los Van Van. NG la Banda was playing
and Pedrito was sitting in!

Gerardo Davila and Jose Luis Quintana..or....

Lalo and Changuito!



Our roof party. El Guiro playing cajon, with Lali, and this tremendous "conguera". I'll find her name...



Roel and Minini in Matanzas.

Our group with Minini.

Look at that face! Darren shows us how to do it.

Our Hote, Hotel del Valle, in Matanzas

More pics from March 2001 here as well.


Pics from the Dec-Jan trip here

More pics from the Dec-Jan trip here

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