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updated 16 August 2000
many more pics here!


Great Letter from Jason Baker, a Cuba Trip attendee.
Read it here


July 2-15
A group of drummers travelled to Cuba
to study drums, percussion, and life.
It was quite an experience. We had such a great time in Havana and Matanzas, Cuba. These pictures show a little of the joy we experienced there.

Some of these pics might take a little time to download. I think it's worth the wait.

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Pictures from our March 2000 trip are here.

Read the review of the March trip here.


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I feel really blessed being part of our group and learning the stuff we did. I will never forget it.

Jeroen Vrolijk


This trip will change your life as well as your drumming!

Donny Fortin

changuito and drummers

Our Group with Changuito, outside of his house in Reparto Guiteras

Steve and Chango!


bata drums

Brigitte, Matthew, and Don

bata drums

This is why we came to Cuba!

Cuba drums

And so is this!!

Cuba drums

Lali and his group at our rumba

"This is an abanico"

At the Malecón...Tim ("Escarabajo"), Jeroen,
and Matthew (Mateo)




Our guide, Adiel, and LUNCH!
Many More Pictures Here!