Our Drum and Percussion Study Trips
in la Habana and Matanzas, Cuba and
Salvador, Bahia, Brasil.

Images from Fall 2002

Havana Drum Festival

updated 26 Nov. 2002


Many pictures from our May 2002 trip to
Salvador Brasil
can be found

New! Movies!

Many pictures from our March 2002 trip to
can be found

cuba drums

Very Special Thanks to Sabian Cymbals


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At present, we are organizing our trips for 2003.
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please email me.


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Many more pictures here! Thank you Sally!

And there are now more pics here as well. Thanks Deborah!



Our group with Lali.


Enrique Plá, great drummer from Irakere, Hoshi, me, Piloto, and Atsuki







Is she bad or what?!




Hoshi showing Piloto how it's done!




Great form Brad





Lest we forget.




OK, which one is our teacher?





What a fun rehearsal that was, with Chispa y sus Complices
Kevan gets a güiro lesson




Applause for you my friend



Here comes Atsuki, dancing guaguanco!

My good friend Chispa

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