Our Drum and Percussion Study Trips
in Habana and Matanzas, Cuba

Images from July 2001.

updated 17 August 2001

Three pages of images from Cuba.
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cuba drums

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If I had never picked up a drum on that whole trip it still would have been 100% worth it, walking the streets where the rumba was born, meeting and hearing the stories/histories from the people, for a conga
(tumbadora) player it just brought all home.





Our group in the Yumuri Valley, Matanzas Province




Darren, look at that form!


Carlos, hey what was the name of that band??


Anna, you sure knew what we ALL liked!



Carlos, Minini, and yours truly

After a KLIMAX gig we hung out with PILOTO!


Our classroom in Matanzas!




Oye Herman, asi se baila!

Ivan, you're bad!



Our roof party featuring Seth, Darren, Shane, Herman, Ivan, Stefan, Anna, and David.



What a sweet picture. This is at our study house, with Valerie and friends.


Our guide, Adiel. He was very low key!

Miguel and Laly....and moi.

Our Hote, Hotel del Valle, in Matanzas

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