cuba drums

updated 1 March 2001
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December 24 - January 7

We had such a great group on this trip.
Thanks to all of you for making it happen!

Some of these pics might take a little time to download. I think it's worth the wait.


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Study in Cuba is more than a musical experience, it's a experience of life, they just breath music, all day long you can hear music, walking on the streets, in the cabs, watching TV, having lunch, and even sleeping. I think that my sense of time about Latin rhythms got much better, because there is a big difference between studying these rhythms in your country and in Cuba. In Cuba you can feel and internalize it. The music is in the air !!!!

Cyro Zuzi Dec/Jan 2001


Our trip to Cuba was fantastic. We learned so much in two weeks,
enough to keep me busy practicing for the next year.

Derek Smith Dec/Jan 2001


Cuba is unlike any place I have ever been and probably ever will be.
Beyond the incredible music there's even more incredible people.
After two weeks in this extrodinary place, I am still forming opinions about
many things, but one thing I know for sure... I want to come back!

Chad Boylan Dec/Jan 2001





Here are Benny K, Lawrence, Satomi, Matt, and Michael.

In Matanzas


Our group practicing batá. Cyro, from Brasil, is playing okonkolo.
Ariel, our friend and guide, is first from the left.

Chad, doing what he does best!

Derek playing okonkolo.


Miguel and Lali, our teachers in La Habana.


Michael and Matt


Our soon to be teacher!!

Cuba drums

Lali and his group at our rumba

Miguel, our drum set teacher, and yours truly.



Nancy and Ariel, our friends and guides.


Chad and Lali


Our Hote, Hotel del Valle, in Matanzas

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