Ward to Smiley 1813 Cabell Co., VA

Know all men by these presents that Thomas Ward of the County of Cabell & State of Virginia for and in consideration of the sum of one dollar to me paid by Samuel Smiley of the County of Cabell & State of Virginia the receipt whereof I do acknowledge have remissed released & forever quitclaimed & do by these presents remiss release & forever quitclaim unto the said Samuel Smiley his heirs & assigns forever all my rite and title to four hundred and fifty acres of land it being apart of a survey of seven hund acres lying and being in the County of Cabell State Virginia on Mill Creek a Branch of Big Sandy to wit. Beginning at a Spanish Oak Beach & White Oak at the mouth of a branch of said Mill Creek about one & a half miles above the mouth of said creek on the north east side thereof and running thence S 5 W 28 poles to a large Sycamore S 28 W 228 poles to a White Oak in the side of a loe ridge near the head of a hollow S 60 E 56 poles to two white oaks N 71 E 178 poles to a White Oak and Shugartree near the foot of a hill S 79 E 176 poles to a White Oak and Shugartree about ten poles from the creek S 50 E 116 poles to a bockeye and lin on the bank of the creek S 22 E 2 poles to a Beach on the hill side S 45 E 28 poles to a heehary S 5 E 50 poles to 3 Beaches growing from the same stump and a walnut thence Crossing the survey of John Welmans Division line to the other line thence with that line to 2 Beaches in the creek bottom S 12 W 76 poles to a blackoak & Beach on a hill side N 30 E 48 poles to a white oak on the top of a ridge N 62 W 530 poles to a white oak on hill side S 60 W 20 poles to to the beginning to have and to hold the same to gether with all the priviliges & appertinences there unto belonging to him the said Samuel Smiley his heirs and assigns for ever in witness whereunto I have set my hand seal this 2d day of August 1813


Thomas Ward (signature)



Thos Ward Deed to Smily


Recorded in Book A page 301 & examined



At a court held for Cabell County on the 3rd day of August 1813 a deed between Thomas Ward of the one part and Samuel Smiley of the other part was acknowledged by the said Ward and waived to be recorded.

A Copy (?)

Edm'd Morris Clke


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