Samuel Smiley vs Elizabeth 1826


 (Transcriber's note: The date on this document is difficult to interpret. It appears to be either 1826 or 1829 and there is an old notation on it thus "1823?". According to court records, Samuel and Elizabeth were divorced in 1826, and the entry was expunged and reinstated in 1827 after it was found that Samuel did not abuse Elizabeth. I feel that the date of the following bill for services is likely 1826. MCE)


Samuel Smiley VS Elizabeth Smiley


In the circuit court

Oct. Term A.D. 1829

Samuel Smiley (?) to the following

Bill of Costs. To wit


To issuing six (?) for the Plaintiff at fifty cents each $3.00

June term 1829 to entering continuance .25

Octr term 1829 to entering appearance of Plaintiff .10

to swearing five witnesses at 6 _ cents each .31 _

to the trial before the court without jury .50

to entering final decree 2.00

Clerks fees PAID $ 6.16 _


Jonathan Riggs (sheriffs fees)

To summoning eight witnesses 4.00 Paid


Robert Stewart Sheriff fees

To summoning 2 witnesses 1.00

Returning one non non est paid .12 _

Paid $1.12 _


Richard Kerr Sheriffs fees

Serving writ and copy of Bill 1.00

Serving 2 subpoenas 1.00

Returning 2 nonests .25

Paid $2.25


Attorneys fee 10.00

$ 23.53 _


The above bill of costs settled except the Attorneys fee

Octr 13th 1829

F. Parker (signature)


(Written on outside of document)

Samuel Smiley VS Elizabeth Smiley

Bill of Costs


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