Frazier/Loan Letter to Samuel Smiley 1838


Novm the 8th 1838


Louisa Lawrence County Ky


Dear sir I rec'd your leter on the seventh inst. It was very mortifying to my feelings to heare of the death of John Frasher. I now give you as brief an answer as I possible can and as correct as I possible can now (know) he generally kept his money here. The morning he started he told me that he left some money in a drawer that he generaly kept his money in and wanted me to take care of it. He did not count the money to me nor did he tell me how much he left. I halve counted the money and I find that there was a bout eight hundred and a leven dollars out of which I halve paid out for him one hundred and sixty three dollars by his directions. The a mount of notes left in my hands is two hundred and fifty dollars and fifty cents. I hold McGrannahan article for fifty dollars for the wrent of his farm. It appears that he has one note in the hands of James M. Reces(?) for collection. I cant find any receipt for it. I find in his trunk a minit maid on piece of paper ststing that there is a note of mine in the hands of James M. Reces(?) and Henry Cushing for forty six dollars. The balance of his property in out possession is one rifle gun worth about ten or twelve dollars and one trunk worth about two dollars. I halve no knowledge of any thing more at present. I hope sir you will deal with his property a greeable to his request. I would be glad to see you as your business might call your attention here. I would be glad you would not hesitate coming. I now mother and the family would be more than over joyst to see you on Sondy. We are all well as common at present. I halve nothing more at present but remaining yours Etc. untill death


James Loan (signature)


To Samuel Smiley



(On front of envelope)


Samuel Smiley Esq.

Auburn Lincoln County





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