William Frazier Letter to Samuel Smiley 1838


Louisa Ky November 10th 1838




Having heard that you sent a letter o Mrs. Loan informing her of the death of my brother John Frasure I wish to hear from you all about the matter when he died and what was the complaint he died with how long he lay sick & what papers he had with him & what disposal he made of his property if any. You will confer a favor on me by writing to me as soon as you receive this. There will be letters of administration taken out on his property here in about a week from this time. Therefore I would like to (?) (?) fail not and write by the next mail after you receive this.


Your Respectfully


William Frasure (signature)




(Letter addressed to: )


Sam Smiley Esq.


Lincoln Co



(Return address is: )


Louisa Ky

November 11th


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