This is a color photocopy of the original letter that the owner was nice enough to send me. A transcription follows:



State of Alabama

Dallas County

This Indenture witnesseth, that we the undersigned, that we Commitee on building of Richmond Lodge No. 282 (Consisting of W.P. Brunson, Alex Stewart, and David G. Arnold Members of said Lodge, and appointed by R.D. Dudly W. M. protem of said Lodge) on one part, and Mr. Mark Ethridge on the other Part. We the Committee of said Lodge also hereby rent and Lease of said Mark Ethridge, the Masonic Hall, which is situated on the second story of the said Ethridge's new Carriage Shop in the Town of Richmond, with the sole rights of said Hall and antyrooms attached to tha Hall for the term of five years for the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars, payable annually on the twenty fourth day of June, the end of each Masonic Year, commencing from the twenty fourth day of June, one thousand eight hundred and sixty one, and ending the 24th of June 1866.

The Party of the second Part do



hereby bind themself to keep the roof of said Masonic Hall full Water Proof and a clear entrance to the building where said Masonic Hall is situated, also to keep in good repair, the doors and blinds appertaining to the Entrance, and the said Hall. The members of said Lodge are hereby released by the Party of the second part, should any un forseen accident, such as fire or other Calamities, which accidents are heir to, and that rent will seize to exist from such accidents, otherwise, not until the above time specified or by mutual consent.

Wittness our hand and Seal this the 16th Nov. 1861.


W.P. Brunson

A. Stewart

D.G. Arnold

Mark Ethridge

(Note: There is also a note on the outside of the folded document that reads: Settled up to June 24/62)