Welcome to my amateur astronomy website. This site was created so that I may share my interest in this great hobby with other amateurs around the world and as a source of info for newcomers to astronomy. In this site you will find information on how to get started in astronomy, a description of astronomical equipment, some of my astronomy related photos and sketches, and more. I have done my best to make this as complete as possible, but in case I missed anything, feel free to e-mail me with questions, comments, complaints, or whatever is on your mind.

I live in Oxnard, CA and have been interested in astronomy since I was about 8 years old but purchased my first real telescope only about five years ago. Astronomy is merely one of my hobbies but easily my favorite. I recently received my private pilot certificate, I attended Oxnard College as a student until 2004 when I transferred to Cal State Northridge where I'm majoring in Physics. I also assist in the astronomy lab class taught by Gary Goodman at Oxnard College. I do most of my dark-sky observing and photography at world famous Mount Pinos, CA every new-moon weekend during the Summer and Fall. Living in the middle of a highly light polluted city, I don't get to observe more than once or twice a month. I'm currently trying to get real serious with astrophotography, most of my first shots can be seen on my photo page.

Equipment I currently use:

My Current Astrophotography Setup

The most enjoyment I have gotten out of this hobby has been with other amateurs. I have just as much fun interacting with fellow astronomers as I do looking through the eyepiece. This is what makes amateur astronomy so great. Please stick around, enjoy, and may clear, steady skies be with you.

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