• A little about this website and its author.

  • Welcome to amateur astronomy, here's how to start off in this great hobby and how to have as much fun as possible.

  • The tools used by amateur astronomers around the world. Includes descriptions of different telescopes, eyepiece types, mounts, and miscillaneous accessories. Includes tips on how to pick which is best for YOU.

  • A short glossary of astronomy terms

  • Some of my astrophotos, sketches of various objects, and other misc. shots.

  • Observing and equipment tips, and things to build or do yourself to save money.

  • The famous Mount Pinos parking lot where I do nearly all of my dark-sky observing. Includes some pictures and instructions on how to get there.

  • Various Astronomy links that may be of interest to amateur astronomers

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Here's a little applet I programmed showing the approximate positions of Jupiters four largest moons at the current UT.
South is up to represent the view through a telescope.

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