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Nature and Nature's laws lay hid in night: God said, "Let Tesla be", and all was light. - B.A. Behrend

Nikola Tesla was born "at the stroke of midnight" with lightning striking during a summer storm.
He was born in Smiljani near Gospić, Lika, (the a Military Frontier of Austro-Hungarian Empire, now in Croatia).
The midwife commented, "He'll be a child of the storm," to which his mother replied, "No, of light."
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What follows here is a listing of pages about Nikola Tesla and therefore comprise my tribute to a man that was very gifted and talented, and unfortunately, he is all but forgotten and almost completely unacknowledged in the technological field.

Nikola Tesla was "a visionary genius as fertile as any in the modern history of science", and, had Tesla been born today, he would still be ahead of his time.

He would be called a "genius" by some, and a "madman" by others.

Artwork by Mark Bean

Nikola Tesla was the first to blaze the trail for the creation of incredible, world transforming devices that we, in the world of today, take for granted. Tesla invented such things as: radio, the bladeless turbine, wireless communication, fluorescent lighting, the induction motor, a telephone repeater, the rotating magnetic field principle, the poly-phase alternating current system, alternating current power transmission, Tesla Coil transformer, and more than 700 other patents.

Many of Tesla's patents were in the United States, Britain, and Canada, but many other patents were approved in countries around the globe. Like Thomas Edison, his patents were related to or act as improvements on existing technologies. Unlike Edison, Tesla was more the solitary inventor than the research lab director.
Tesla's inventions and developments include the induction motor, various devices that use rotating magnetic fields, the alternating current poly-phase power distribution system, the fundamental devices of systems of wireless communication (legal priority for the invention of radio), radio frequency oscillators, devices for voltage magnification by standing waves, robotics, logic gates for secure radio frequency communications, devices for x-rays, devices for ionized gases, devices for high field emission, devices for charged particle beams, voltage multiplication circuitry, devices for high voltage discharges, devices for lightning protection, the bladeless turbine, and VTOL (Vertical Takeoff Or Landing) aircraft.
Life magazine, in a special double-issue, listed NikolaTesla in the "100 Most Important People in the Last 1000 Years". He occupied the 57th position.

Take a trip now through my tribute pages to a man that I will not soon forget...Nikola Tesla!

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