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Parts...yes eBay will be your friend!

Finding parts for the Premier/Monaco can often become a frustrating experience. At the Chrysler/Jeep dealers, all Premier parts are on ‘discontinued’ status, which simply means when all of the Chrysler warehouse locations are out, there will be no more. When your local dealer looks up the part, many will come back as ‘CCNS’ which means Chrysler no longer produces the part. And with the 'new' Chrysler emerging as a privately held company, the OEM parts for the Premier will surely continue their 'deplete' status. You can email me at any time to get factory part numbers or visit our download section to get a PDF file of all original factory parts and numbers.

Major parts stores like AutoZone, PepBoys, Advance Auto Parts, O’Reily’s, etc. have access to many rebuilt and/or remanufactured parts. Always check their websites for availability, especially since most of the stores don’t stock them, you’ll have to order them anyway. If you have trouble finding a part, simply send me an email and I’ll check availability for you.

Ebay has become one of the best sources for Premier parts, and they usually sell for really low prices. If you search eBay stores, you can find hundreds of parts. Check it out.

A great source for used parts, visit This is a
internet interface for hundreds of salvage yards all across the states.

Good sources for parts include: (national salvage locator)

To purchase replacement odometer gears, contact Jeff—the Premier uses the 25-tooth gear and the 15-tooth back gear (Volvo 200 series style). If you don't want to replace this gear yourself, I provide this service to Premier owners for only $75.00. Email me for details if I can help.

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