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General Information
Manufactured by the Chrysler Corporation.

Developed by American Motors and Renault specifically for the North American market.

Marketed through Jeep/Eagle Dealers from 1988 to 1992.

Manufactured at the Bramalea, Canada factory (an American Motors factory, built by Renault and

AMC specifically to produce the Premier series of vehicles; acquired by Chrysler in the buyout)

Engines - 2.5 AMC 4-cylinder available in the LX model from 1988-89; 3.0 PRV V-6 standard in the ES series and optional on the LX series from 1988-89; standard from 1990-92. The PRV engine was an all aluminum alloy design originally meant to be a European V-8 answer to the American small block Chevy 350. They simply shaved off two of the rear cylinders to create the V-6 model. It featured a chain driven single overhead cam, aluminum rocker arms and port fuel injected cylinders. The engine block was used in many vehicles, including the Delorean sports car. The differences were in the intake, fuel systems and cylinder heads. The AMC 2.5 engine is the same cast-iron workhorse found in many Jeeps. It featured a throttle-body fuel injection system. Although a great power plant, most cars opted for the V-6 engine since Chrysler had to commit to a large volume of PRV engines as a part of the buyout from Renault. They could always use the 2.5 engines in Jeeps. This is one reason very few 4-cylinder models exist today.
note: PRV stands for Peugeot/Renault/Volvo, a joint venture manufacturing plant in France owned by these 3 European manufacturers

Transmissions - all 4-cylinder models came with the AR4 Renault electronically-controlled automatic transmission, cars with this were recalled early in 1989 due to failure of the park mechanism under severe usage; all 6 cylinder models came with the ZF Industries ZF4HP18 4-speed mechanical automatic transmission; according to sales literature, no manual transmission were available, however there is a few 4-cylinder models were produced as prototypes in 1986/87 with manual gearboxes. See the photos below of a prototype Premier started by Carroll Shelby in 1987 with a turbo-V6 engine and manual transmission.

OWNING AN EAGLE PREMIER….a Love/Hate Relationship
Owning an Eagle Premier or Dodge Monaco vehicle can often be a frustrating experience. Let’s face it, the cars are pretty unreliable, and parts can be a challenge to find. Lack of dealer support, lack of quality service techs, and overall lack of manufacturer support leaves many an Eagle owner feeling like they own more of a problem than a car. While its true these cars are expensive to maintain, almost any car nowadays is expensive to repair, at least you can get into a used Premier or Monaco for under $1500, and it’s a heck of a car when you look at how inexpensive they are. So for all you Premier drivers out there, here are some great resources I’ve used to keep my car on the road and my sanity in tack.
If you don’t use any other resource, this is the one you need. An extremely great ‘tool’ you subscribe to annually. For about $25 you can access all the factory repair information for your Premier/Monaco (or just about any other car) including recall and service bulletin information. I use this resource more than any other.

Factory Service Manuals
I was excited to find the TechAuthority website has online ordering for the Premier manuals from the 1990 to 1992 models. Monaco also. So to order these, call 1-800-890-4038 or 1-800-423-7915 or visit their website at (please note: they only list the 1992 year on the website, you must call for prior years)
Here’s some of the part numbers:
Owners Manuals (these are the ones that come with a new car)
1992 Premier - 81-126-9270
1992 Monaco - 81-226-9227
1991 Premier - 81-126-1070
1991 Monaco - 81-226-1027
1990 Premier - 81-126-0070
1990 Monaco - 81-226-0027
1989 Premier - 81-126-9070
1988 Premier - 8932-001-778
Service Manuals (these are the ones on how to fix your car)
1992 Premier/Monaco - 81-270-2140
1991 Premier/Monaco - 81-270-1140
1990 Premier/Monaco - 81-270-0140
1989 Premier - 81-270-9040
1988 Premier - 5 different manuals, call # for availability

Transmission Service Manual
This item is available from JCWhitney. A good book to have for reference on rebuilding the ZF4HP18 transaxle. Doesn’t cover the Renault transmission used on the 4-cylinder models.

Original Sales Literature
If you own a Premier, it’s nice to have the original sales literature for your car. These are the brochures the dealers gave away to prospective buyers. One of the most reputable sources for any automotive literature is Walter Miller. Visit his website at
The second best resource is eBay. There are always brochures and manuals available, simply enter a search for ‘Eagle Premier’. Be sure to search eBay stores, there are hundreds of Premier items available at any given time.

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