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Titled Offspring

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Lexie Clones

Kai X Lexie
Semper Deuce Cooper ***
Semper Modesto Bronco, FCh WT, 2003 Working Test Champion of Austria
HRCH Semper Castaway Cassie, JH
Semper Fidelis Beatrix, WCX, SH, CDX
MHR Semper Choo Choo CH’Boogie, WCX
MHR Madison Lucy Lesser, JH,WS
SR Semper Leigh Sadie, RL1
Kai x Bailey (4/27/03)
Semper Princess Carlie, JH, WC
Bart x Lexie (7/27/05)
Semper Klamath River Amber Ale **


Kai x  Breeze (10/25/01)
Otterbrook's Songstress, SH,WCX
Otterbrook's In High Spirits,NA, OAJ
Otterbrook's River Dancer, JH, WCX
Kai x Whimsy (10/1/04)
Otterbrook's Kindred Spirit, JH, NA, NAJ, WCX
Otterbrook's You're It, CCA
Kai x Daisy (11/21/04)
Chasser's Big Sky Up'n At'em, MH
Oakley of Loneoak JH

Kai x Ruby (7/2/05)
Wind River's Gun For Gold JH 
Cooper x Brandi (6/2/03)
MHR Awrey Semper Copper Redcloud, SH, WCX, CCA
Cooper x Brandi (3/11/05)
SR Awrey's Lil' Miss Sure Shot JH, WC, CCA
Casey x Jessie (11/26/05)
Stoneflys Mahogany Dun, SH,WCX
Casey x CeeCee  (5/30/06)
Things That are Red for 500 (Alex) *** (Qual 1st place, 3rd place,Derby 4th Place)
Semper Stephens Mo2Go Lucy, SH ** (three derby JAM's)
Semper Off the Ricter Scale
Cooper x Kigers Stonehouse Express (1/21/08)
Semper Austin Mini-Cooper, MH

Casey x 
Awrey's Lil' Miss Sure Shot JH, WC, CCA (2/9/10)
Awrey's Red Hot Vette, JH

Cooper x Trudy (Ribbon Ridges Red BOW, JH) 3/13/11
Semper Lil' Deuce Coop, JH
Semper Firebird, SH

Amber on Watch