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While the Semper name has only been in existence since near 1988, we have been involved with Goldens since 1977.  The name, Semper,  comes from the answer to people who ask how long we will be competeing with Golden Retrievers in the field, "Always."  Over this time frame we started out with obedience and advanced dogs through the ranks to CDX.  Since our first exposure to the world of retrieving in 1979, we have been involved with Working Certificates, Gun Dog stakes, Hunt Tests, and finally Field Trials.  We have titled 3 AKC Master Hunters, One NAHRA MHR and have competed in the National events in both venues. No one exists in the dog world with out good mentors and advisors and over the years I have been fortunate to get dogs or advice from people like Torch Flinn, Jackie Mertens, Cynthia Williams and work with a host of top notch trainers including Rex Carr, Bill Sargenti, Rick & Patti Roberts, Don Remein, Jim Gonia, Jeff  Torrey,Clint Swingle and currenty Jerry & Jane Patopea.  Today, we primarily compete in AKC field trials, and occasionally have time to run a few Hunt Tests. In 1985 we got our first competitive field trial dog, MHR Sunshine Otis Spunkmeyer, MH***.  He was from the well known and successful breedings Patti DeNardo did with her Windbreaker Razzmatazz;  Otis died 1 1/2 pts from his FC (at 13 yrs) having received an all-breed win in Montana.  The foundation for our stock goes back to Red x Razz breedings and comes to us from Mark Powell of Wasatch Kennels in Colorado.  Kai and Lexie both came from Mark and recently, his sister -in-law, Karen,  took one of our granddoggers to run in hunt tests.  Kai,  recently (April, 09) passed away after a happy thirteen years.  Kai's son, Cooper and his best buddy, Casey passed across the bridge 2 years apart; Casey in June '08; then Cooper followed in '10.  We still keep frozen semen available for breeding to Casey and Cooper.
Needing to start all over again, a  new generation at Semper Retrievers is in the making with a Lexie Great - Granddogger, Kate.   She is a handsome outgoing  female with lots of intensity, but still maturing.  

Two young pups, currently working with Utopia Retrievers, Jane & Jerry Paptopea in Junction City, Oregon are Lance, aka Heads Up Semper Live Strong  (11/10 birthday) and Mulligan, aka Semper Cooper's Mulligan (3/11 birthday).  Lance came to us from Anne Everett in Canada and Mulligan is a clone of his late father from whom we did an artificial insemination with frozen semen and produced 9 little Coopers.  Both look to be successors of the early Semper boys (Cooper, Casey and Kai), and will be ready some time next year (2012) to start a career on the Field Trial circuit.

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And if I go,

While you’re still here…

Know that I live on,

Vibrating to a different measure

- behind a veil you cannot see through.

You will not see me,

So you must have faith.

I wait for the time when we can soar together again

- both aware of each other.

Until then, live your life to its fullest and when you need me,

Just whisper my name in your heart

…I will be there.



Semper Wasatch Alexis**SH, OD

Heads Up Semper Live Strong

Semper Cooper's Mulligan

Semper Testarosa (Tess)

Cooper, Kai and Casey
Semper Deuce Cooper***, Emberain Semper Case of Red***, Semper Wasatch Rocky Mtn Kai,***MH