Project Ecotourism

Project Ecotourism was started in 1993 and is affiliated with Educational Communications, a non-profit organization founded in 1958. You can write us at P. O. Box 351419, Los Angeles, CA 90035 or call us at (310) 559-9160. E-mail address is ECNP@AOL.COM


Promotion of ecotourism to conserve ecosystems and wildlife and to assist local communities through responsible travel that preserves cultures and natural environments.


Ecotourism is more than adventure trips, nature study, and cultural excursions. Ecotourism means tourist dollars flow back into conservation efforts and return to and stay in local communities. Ecotourists are individuals who not only go to learn and have fun in a foreign setting, but who also attempt to give something back to the local people, who respect local customs, and are considerate of native resources they visit, especially by not harming animal or plant life.

Our Goals:

Educate the public about being a responsible, ecological tourist. Create radio and television programs that describe ecotourist opportunities and destinations. Donate needed supplies and materials (books, school supplies, computers, equipment, clothing, medicine, etc.) to organizations and individuals active in local conservation in developing countries [please contact us if you have items that can be sent overseas]. Promote ecological changes in the travel industry.


Guest are welcome to be interviewed on our national ECONEWS television series and our ENVIRONMENTAL DIRECTIONS radio series (taped in Los Angeles or on location). Our experts can consult with tourist bureaus and agencies and companies to explain how they can "green" their operations. Speakers are available to groups for presentations. Producers, reporters, and camera people are ready to document specific areas and field conservation projects and trips. Volunteers will collect items for redistribution. Activists try to encourage letterwriting to appropriate agencies to support ecotourism. Travellers can get referrals to responsible companies and countries.

Ways to be Responsible and Ecological

DOs and DON'Ts

Questions to Ask Your Tour Company


Please send us your ideas on how to be a good ecotourist. We would also appreciate names, addresses, and phone numbers of responsible tour companies, groups needing donations, and others involved in ecotourism. We love to hear about your experiences.

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